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[PS4] Toro Review

Toro Review

Toro is a bullfighting simulator from RECOtechnology. Simulators seem to be on the rise, and we now have stuff like Farming Simulator, Goat Simulator… Forestry Simulator. You name it! Does this particular game fare well on PlayStation 4? Come read our Toro review to find out!


Bullfighting is a subject that has been left untouched by the gaming industry because in most countries it is considered a cruel and bloodthirsty sport. On top of that, many bullfighters have died or been left significantly disabled while trying to defeat a weakened bull. RECOtechnology are boldly tackling a touchy subject and bring it to PlayStation 4.

Upon starting the game, everything is locked until you complete the tutorial. It is here that you will be shown how to tease a bull and make it angry so that it charge at you. You will also learn how to time your movements correctly. The tutorial was well presented, and the mechanics are easy to learn and understand. Once you complete it you can start Career Mode.

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In Career mode after you complete each bullfight, you will be scored based on your performance. On top of that, you will also need to complete a variety of challenges which will award you new costumes and other goodies once successfully completed.

Each bullfight is broken down into stages that mirror the phases of an actual bullfight. First, you will complete maneuvers using the traditional cape – these consist of a two button combo. If you perform the combo correctly, it will go towards your final scoring while at the same time increasing your crowd meter. You will need to make the crowds happy with decent maneuvers. The next phase is the banderillas. These are colorful sticks which you will use to impale the bull to weaken it. This will also make the bull more ferocious. The next part is another round of cape combos very similar to the first round, with some QTE. The final round has you killing the bull with a sword.

There is also an additional mode called Quick Match which allows you to customize your own bullfight with options that you unlock through natural game progression. There is also some mini-games such as Bull Run where you ride down corridors in first person perspective. Another one is called Bull Toss which is a button mash mini-game where the aim is to hit the matador and send him flying into the sky.

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Toro will certainly rub some people the wrong way due to its subject matter. But underneath it all there is an interesting premise for a game that, yes, might seem a bit repetitive in the end. After playing the game for my Toro review I found out the game includes a full trophy count with a Platinum, and you can get it in around 6-8 hours if you do things right. Be sure to give this one a go and tell me how you did!

pros=”Very original concept.
Platinum trophy.” cons=”Gameplay feels a bit repetitive.” score=70]

This Toro review was done from a PS4 copy provided by RECOtechnology.