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[Beyond PlayStation] PING 1.5+ Review


PING 1.5+ Review

PING 1.5+ Review is a puzzle game that is all about aiming and timing. Take aim, fire, hope for the best. Simple, right? WRONG! This is a very fun but challenging release where every shot counts. Want to learn more? Then read our PING 1.5 review!


You need to precisely judge the trajectory of your shot, especially since you have a limited number of bounces per level. If you go over the limit, you have to start the level again. PING 1.5 involves a bit of trial and error as you go so that you can learn what does and doesn’t work for each level.

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Playing the game is easy since aiming is done by simply placing your stylus on the white cube and drawing a line in the direction you want it to go. The length of the line is very important. The longer the line, the faster the cube will travel. It can be hard to get the speed just right at first, but after some practice, you’ll learn to properly guess what is needed.

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You will also have to work around obstacles, some of which feature some very small passageways. These, in particular, require the cube to be sent flying at a very specific angle or you won’t be able to complete the section.

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The game’s graphics are charming and appealing, and the music greatly complements the action on screen.The level layout designs are very good as well – you can instantly tell a lot of thought went into each one. This is a nice console package that makes good use of the strengths of Nintendo’s Wii U. Drawing with the stylus on the Wii U GamePad is very easy and makes for a very fun game.

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Other than some weird difficulty spikes at some points in the game where a few levels were considerably harder than expected, I really liked my time with the game for my PING 1.5 review. This is a nice puzzle game you should definitely try on Wii U!

pros=”Great level designs.
Nice music.
Good use of the stylus.” cons=”Some weird difficulty spikes.” score=80]

This PING 1.5+ Review is based on a Wii U copy provided by Nami Tentou.