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[PS Vita] Stranded: A Mars Adventure Review

Stranded: A Mars Adventure Review

Stranded: A Mars Adventure from Tama Games is a 2D platformer that at first sorta feels like an autorunner but isn’t. What we do get is a fun game where you must constantly be on the move as you try to make it to the end of the level before your oxygen supply runs out. Want to learn more? Then come read our Stranded: A Mars Adventure review!

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The game is easy to understand. Your oxygen is constantly depleting so you must grab any O2 capsules you can find along the way. You move around with the D-pad and jump with the X button. Pressing the X button a second time while in the air will activate your Jetpack to propel yourself further – just be careful since it uses part of your O2 supply! You can also slide with the Circle button to pass through small passages. The Circle button can also be used to do a roll when you hit the ground after a fall. And there is also the option of doing wall jumps to reach higher places.

As you play each level, you’ll also grab nuts that can be used to upgrade your stats so that you can have more O2, more life to resist more damage or a longer and higher jump. You can also purchase new suits to help you to survive. These include, for example, a suit that helps you resit high falls while also allowing you to duck faster, or a suit that gives you some extra live, to name a few.

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The game has a handy rudimentary 2D linear map at the bottom of the screen that shows you how far away you are from each O2 pack and checkpoint. Checkpoints are very important because, if you die, you will spawn at the last one you reached. And don’t worry too much if you die once in a level because you will certainly be able to get a three-star rating for the level as long as you don’t mess things up again.

You will be graded on each level based on your performance. You’ll be able to gain up to a three-star rating if you complete a level fast enough while also grabbing several O2 capsules and nuts. As you can imagine, there is a trophy for getting a three stat rating for every level in the game.

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And speaking of trophies, Stranded features thirteen trophies in total: one Gold, three Silver, and nine Bronze. They range from collecting many bolts (you CAN use them to purchase and upgrade things as you go since bolts are cumulative), to completing each of the game’s stages (each stage is a group of levels). It’s a fun trophy list, and one that is very achievable. One thing I do have to mention is that the team is currently working on a patch to fix the parameters for two trophies (the one for obtaining 50 stars and another for completing all levels) and that it should be live very soon. This does not break the game in any way and does not get in the way of your enjoyment of this platformer.

There’s plenty of replay value in the game with its over 40 levels. You’ll replay levels to be able to get a three start rating on all of them. You’ll also replay levels to get more nuts to make purchases and upgrades. And there’s also the Ghost Astronaut which you can activate from the pause menu. This one will let you directly compete against your best attempt at the level.

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I enjoyed my time with this portable game for my Stranded: A Mars Adventure review. I didn’t stop playing until I had mastered every level, and then I spent an extra couple of hours grinding for nuts so that I could purchase the suits that I was missing. I highly recommend you buy this platformer on PS Vita since the asking price is great for the amount of content you’ll get.

[review pros=”Fun levels.
Multiple paths for completing levels.
Good challenge.” cons=”No complaints.” score=83]

This Stranded: A Mars Adventure review is based on a PS Vita copy provided by Tama Games.