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[Beyond PlayStation] Citadele: Gate of Souls Review


Citadele: Gate of Souls Review

Nitrolic Games are back, and this time they bring us an homage to the old-school Castlevania games. Citadale: Gate of Souls is a challenging game where you play as a young woman called Sonja who was trained in combat by her immortal warrior spouse. Her father-in-law, who used to terrorize the land, has once again risen from the grave to continue his reign of terror. Armed with her shadow blade, she sets out to destroy him once and for all. Come read our Citadele: Gate of Souls Review to learn more!


Citadale: Gate of Souls is heavily inspired by Castlevania. The premise is to fight off hordes of enemies that lie in wait for you, as well as the very challenging bosses. You will platform your way through enemies such as zombies, skeletons, spiders, and slugs – as well as flying creatures. But that’s not all! There are plenty of deadly traps to avoid, some of which aren’t obvious. You will encounter spikes hidden under a flock of birds, disappearing platforms, lava pits, and more! Precision is key and dying will result in a game over.

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The game has usable items, which is where I have my one complaint about the game: you can only carry one usable item at a time. But other than that, I liked how the holy water burned the enemies to a crisp, and how throwing stars kill any flying enemies with ease. You’ll be making good use of what you’re carrying – and trust me, you’ll need it!

There are checkpoints throughout the game that will make it easier for you to complete each area. You should be on the lookout for the extremely valuable items that will replenish your health meter. Also, be sure to hit all lanterns since this will help to refill your mana.

And I’m happy to report that you can play the game on the Wii U GamePad’s screen since this release offers Off-TV gameplay.Graphically speaking, to me the game looked good both on the TV and on the smaller screen. But if you choose to play on your TV, the game’s map will be displayed on the Gamepad, which is a feature I loved!

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The retro style graphics are very pleasing, and the control scheme works well. The gameplay is challenging and fun, just like we used to enjoy back in the day. I do think the story could have been fleshed out a little more. But after spending some time with the game, I do recommend Citadale: Gate of Souls, especially if you like the older Castlevania entries in the series.

pros=”Great old-school art style.
Challenging gameplay.” cons=”Number of pickups is limited.” score=80]

This Citadele: Gate of Souls review is based on a Wii U copy provided by Nitrolic Games.