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[Beyond PlayStation] Dual Core Review


Dual Core Review

Dual Core is a twin-stick shooter set in the distant future year of 2147. A human colony occupying the Europa Space station has suffered a catastrophe. Two AI cores wake up from hibernation to find themselves inside the bodies of a couple of old security drones. Together they go on a mission to find out what went wrong and how they can fix things. They soon discover they have bigger problems on their hands. Want to learn more? Then come read our Dual Core review!


Dual Core is a twin-stick shooter which is very fun and highly addictive. The game is really as good as it sounds. You take control of a robot and go from room to room, solving puzzles and defeating the deadly enemies you run into in order to gain access to the rest of the location.

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You can play in Off-TV Mode if you prefer, and the game also supports a Wiimote and Nunchuk setup. That is not all: the GamePad offers touchscreen functionality with the inventory system, but that function is optional since you can also use buttons to go through your inventory.

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There is a big emphasis on couch co-op with up to four players playing through the story mode. But, again, this is entirely optional since you can also play in single player mode with your sidekick companion to help you with your quest to find out what happened to the humans.

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Dual Core has some light RPG elements, as well since you can upgrade your robot by using the Green Crystals that you collect throughout the game. Every ten Green Crystals will net you one upgrade point. You can upgrade your firepower, regeneration and durability. As you gain levels, you will be able to increase the amount you can spend on upgrades. There are also Red and Blue Crystals to collect. Blue Crystals will heal you a little bit, and Red Crystals will permanently increase your hit points by one point.

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As with many twin stick shooters, you will find a good number of weapon power-ups, like the homing missile which is pretty darn awesome! You’ll find more power-ups in the game, but I’ll let you find them once you play the game!

Story mode, one of the three available modes, is the main focus for Dual Core. The aim is to clear out wave after wave of enemies in each room as you solve a puzzle or two. Combat is very straightforward: destroy anything that moves. Gameplay will become more frantic as you go, so you should always make sure you’re properly prepared!

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Arcade mode is a multiplayer mode where you can play with up to four players and fight an endless stream of enemies and aim for the best score possible. There is no split screen, so you are all playing on one screen! That means you may need to be on your toes and don’t let the others win.

The final mode is Versus mode which is also a multiplayer mode. For this one you play maps and each player takes a small corner of it. You then have to find other players and take them out. Whoever is the last one standing wins the map. It is not quite that easy though since the map is packed with obstacles to hinder the progress of all players, but it also has handy teleporters so that you can get around the area.

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Dual Core is a lot of fun on your own, but its way better when playing with a group. Story mode is fantastic, and the Arcade and Versus modes are a nice bonus on top of the polished release. I had a blast with this one, so be sure to download it on Wii U today!

pros=”Flawless gameplay.
Plenty of content.
Multiplayer options.” cons=”No complaints.” score=92]

This Dual Core review is based on a Wii U copy provided by Gray Fin Studios.