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[PSX 2016] Windjammers Coming To PS Vita And PS4


DotEmu has announced during PlayStation Experience 2016 that they’ll be releasing Windjammers on PlayStation Vita and PlayStation 4! Some of you might remember this from way back when it was made available on the SNK NEO GEO. You probably even got to try it at an arcade near you! That was definitely my case, and I spent many quarters back in the day playing this very fun and fast-paced release.

Cyrille Imbert, CEO of DotEmu, had this to say about the game:

For us, this project had to be perfect. We wanted to respect Data East’s incredible work and provide a faithful experience to players both experienced and new. And what better way to do this than to include the Windjammers community in our project? From the beginning we worked closely with Windjammers France, which boasts some of Europe’s best players. Founded in 2012, this association of ardent fans organizes annual tournaments. And trust us, when this crew fires up Windjammers, they don’t mess around!

Windjammers France helped us maintain continuity with the arcade version, and broadened our understanding of the game’s tremendous e-sports potential. Windjammers is ideal for the e-sports arena, which is why we created an easy-yet-complete online mode for players from Chile to China, to engage in continuous competition.


Windjammers features:

• Online Versus: for the first time ever, face other players worldwide in ranked matches and compete in the top leagues!
• 6 unique characters with their own special skills and super throws
• 6 playable environments, from sunny beach to crowded stadium
• 2 unlockable mini-games: Dog Distance & Bowling
• New HD menus
• Trophies and leaderboards


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