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[PS4] Deadlight: Director’s Cut Review

Deadlight: Director’s Cut Review

Deadlight: Director’s Cut from developers Tequila Works and Abstraction Games and publisher Deep Silver is a fun puzzle/platformer post-apocalyptic release where you must survive against the zombie onslaught. This one takes place in an alternate reality Seattle back in 1986 where the undead have taken over. Want to learn more? Then read our Deadlight: Director’s Cut review!


You are in control of one Randall Wayne, a survivor out on a quest to find his wife and daughter who have gone MIA. You’ll need to outsmart the undead during your journey, tricking them into pits, traps and other hazards that can make short work of them. As you can imagine, a post-apocalyptic setting means that supplies and weapons are scarce, so you’ll need to use any item at hand to deal with the situation.

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As you play, you always need to be aware of your surroundings, making sure you’re not putting yourself into a bad situation. Enemies will kill you in a few seconds, especially if you’re surrounded. You’ll eventually find a melee weapon to help you out, but this doesn’t mean you can swing around aimlessly.

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So, what is new in the Director’s Cut version of the game? The controls have been revamped, the animations have been enhanced, and the game’s overall presentation has been bumped to a full 1080p. On top of this, there’s a new mode called Survival Arena where you can get some extra gaming time out of this repackaged release.

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While this is a short game – you can probably finish it in 4-6 hours depending on skill – if you’re going for the Platinum trophy, you’ll end up playing for a lot longer. Why? Because you need to complete the game once to then unlock Nightmare Mode where, as expect, things are much, much harder. In Nightmare Mode you cannot save, and there are no checkpoints, so you have to complete the entire game in a single run. On top of this, you also need to do well enough in Survival Mode. Survival Mode takes place in a separate location than that of the main game, and as its name suggests, you must survive for as long as possible as you work towards unlocking the two trophies tied to it.

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And there’s plenty of collectibles to find in the game, such as the ID from strangers and torn pages from the main character’s diary – these will keep you busy as well. Luckily none of the trophies are missable thanks to the game’s chapter select, and that is always great news for trophy hunters!

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I liked playing this one for my Deadlight: Director’s Cut review. It was a linear game but is very enjoyable. It’s going to take some extra work for me to get that Platinum added to my collection, but the core experience is solid and fun, so that won’t be a problem. You should definitely check this one out on PS4 for the definitive version of Deadlight!

pros=”Improved gameplay and visuals.
Full trophy count.” cons=”Some parts of the game show its age.” score=83]

This Deadlight: Director’s Cut review is based on a PS4 copy provided by Deep Silver.