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[Beyond PlayStation] Gravity+ Review


Gravity+ Review
Gravity+ is a fun bite-sized little puzzler – it is all about defying gravity. You must use the directional pad to move the level clockwise or counterclockwise to manipulate gravity to help the little green alien reach the exit. If you want to learn more, come read our Gravity+ review!


Gravity+ may look simple at first, but once you have the first few easy levels out of the way, the difficulty will ramp up considerably! Enemies will eventually appear, and you will also encounter obstacles and hazards such as laser beams, spinning blades, and more. You will eventually start to need keys to unlock the exit, making the gameplay more challenging.

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The little green alien is capable of moving and jumping as and when he needs to, but he cannot jump very high, and that is where gravity manipulation comes into play. You must, therefore, rotate the puzzle in the direction necessary for him to get onto other platforms. Gravity doesn’t always help in every situation – you can’t use gravity manipulation if you have spinning blades above and below you, right?

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Gravity + is a short game, and if you’re good, you could finish the game in a couple of hours at most. On top of the regular mode, you have Challenge mode which is the same levels but with some extra objectives thrown in for good measure. The other mode is a one life mode, which is exactly as it sounds. How long can you last with a single life? The fact that the game is short does not mean it’s not fun, but do keep this in mind if you’re considering a purchase.

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Last but not least is the game’s Level Editor – a mode with a ton of replay value. In here you can create your own levels and share your creations through Miiverse! There are a couple of rules to observe before posting a level to Miiverse: all levels must have exits and must be completeable.

Unfortunately, the Level Editor is not part of the base game. Instead, you have to purchase as DLC through the eShop. This might rub some people the wrong way, but do consider that the Level Editor is very fun and worth a purchase.

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I had fun with Gravity+. The levels are well designed, and the gravity manipulation mechanic is clever and well executed. It is a fun short game, and its DLC greatly expands its longevity. Are you up for the challenge?

pros=”Fun and challenging.
Solid gameplay.” cons=”Not a lot of content in base game” score=74]

This Gravity+ review is based on a Wii U copy provided by Nitrolic Games.