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[Review Revisited] Dragon Fantasy Book I

Dragon Fantasy Book I

Get your 8-bit sword ready and prepare for the worst as you journey into the dangerous world of Dragon Fantasy Book I -an homage to the JRPG of yesterday.

Dragon Fantasy Book I is, of course, an homage to two of the greatest RPG series of all time: Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy. You’ve probably played a game from one or the other series by no. Well, Dragon Fantasy was created to pay tribute to the beloved series, and it shows.

It’s a fun title with old-school RPG mechanics and systems that really become addictive as you play. One of the few issues I had with the game was that the menus maybe took two much inspiration from the original titles. Sure, I loved the old-school look and feel of battles and the world itself, but the menus could have used some 21st century pointers.

Dragon Fantasy Book I

It’s funny doing a review revisited on this one, as the review for the game is what made me want to play this great gem in the first place. It’s fun discovering something unique and different after reading someone else’s thoughts on the matter. Also, the game is full of fun Easter eggs for old-school RPG fans, so be sure to dig deep and search every corner of its world!

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