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[Beyond PlayStation] Grand Prix Rock ‘N Racing Review


Grand Prix Rock 'N Racing Review

Grand Prix Rock ‘N Racing is a fun and full-fledged Grand Prix racer. Does it offer enough content for its asking price? Is it a fun release on Nintendo’s home console? Is this the racing game you need for your Wii U collection? Come read our Grand Prix Rock ‘N Racing review to find out!


Grand Prix Rock N’ Racing is a top-down racer, which not everyone is going to like. The game does offers three modes: Championship, Time Trial, and Multiplayer. There are only ten tracks, but you can upload your times to the leaderboards to show off your racing prowess!

Let’s start with the Championship mode. Before you tackle the main campaign, you have the opportunity to do some training. This will let you get a feel for the game and its controls. There is no actual tutorial, so you need to go into the options menu and memorize the controls, then have a practice run or two before you start your road to the championship.

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You have a choice of going solo or playing with another friend in split screen co-op. Sadly there is no online co-op, which was to be expected considering the game was made by a small indie team. As for the races themselves, you compete against 19 racers, and you can earn between 1 to 20 points depending on your finish position.

You start your championship season in the USA in the 20th position. Races are often three to four laps and last around five minutes or so. Since you’ll start at the very back, you’ll quickly feel the challenge of having to come on top. The controls get a bit for you to get used to them, so be sure to practice as much as possible and learn from your mistakes!

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If you are persistent and want to improve you can earn upgrade tokens which you will need to win tougher tracks. You can upgrade your speed, brakes, tires and more – this will greatly increase your odds of winning subsequent races.

You have a minimap at your disposal so that you can prepare in advance for the sharp corners that can ruin your race. To help you along in your quest for first place is your precious turbo boosts, and you can use it at any time to get a burst of speed.

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As for the game’s look, this is not a realistic racer. This release goes for a look that is a bit blocky with a certain old-school charm. The music complements the action on the screen and really gets you pumped for winning it all.

If you want to change things up a bit, you can try some of the Time Trial races. You’ll get to pick a track that you have unlocked and will be timed on how long it takes you to complete each lap. In the end, you’ll get your total time and set out to practice so that you can beat it.

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Overall this is certainly a racer that will require that the player has a bit of extra patience. You’ll learn as you go and get better with practice, being able to avoid the other cars to take the next turn at the perfect spot. Your perseverance will be rewarded, especially if you do a full season. If you like challenging racers, then Grand Prix Rock ‘N Racing on Wi U is the one for you.

pros=”Nice variety in tracks
Local co-op” cons=”Controls take a bit to get used to” score=78]

This Grand Prix Rock ‘N Racing review is based on a Wii U Copy provided by EnjoyUp Games.