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[PS4] 140 Review

140 Review

140 from Double Fine Productions is a minimalist platformer where all you need to worry about is moving left and right as you jump to avoid obstacles and hazards. Rhythm plays a big role in the game since things around you are synced to the level’s music. Are you up for the challenge? Read our 140 review to learn more about the game!


In 140 you have to groove to the music as you jump, jive an’ wail through three levels as you secure glowing orbs that will grant you access to the new section of each area. After procuring a new orb and depositing it in the corresponding black half circle that awaits its sweet embrace. You do this over and over until you reach the boss for the level, who you must defeat to open the way to the next level.

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As for the game’s controls, you move around with the left analog stick and jump with the face buttons. Simple and to the point so that you can always focus on the action on the screen as you play. The small square you control will change shape as you perform each action. Jump around, and it will transform into a triangle. Move on the ground, and it will turn into a circle. Stop moving, and you’ll remain a happy square. It feels a bit odd at first, but after a few minutes, it won’t bother you at all.

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The game features a generous checkpoint system that will help you during your quest to 100% the game. Why? Because to master a game such as 140, you’ll need to die and pay for your mistakes in 140. A lot. Trial and error is at the center of this experience because you never know what new danger or hazard is around the corner. This is even truer for bosses because each of the three in the game acts in a very different way when compared to the others.

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As for the game’s trophy count, it includes ten trophies in total: one Gold, six Silver, and three Bronze. The Bronze ones are easy to get since they require you to complete the first two levels in the game and that you die 63 times. The Silver ones raise the bar a bit by asking that you complete all three levels, defeat the first boss without humping and defeat the other two bosses without dying. Oh, and that you complete the first two mirrors stages. You see, when you finish the game’s three levels, mirror versions are unlocked. Along with being reversed, they also do not include checkpoints, and must, therefore, be completed without dying. This is very hard to do, which is why the Gold trophy is reserved for when you manage to complete all three mirror stages without dying.

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I had a lot of fun with 140. It’s minimalist presentation allowed me to always remain focused on the action on screen as it matched the beat of the music. The challenge increased considerably with every new level, but completing the game and the mirror levels was very rewarding. I still need to go back to finish the last mirror level so that I can 100% the game, since that final boss is a handful in mirror mode. If you’re looking for a challenging bite-sized platformer, you should certainly check 140!

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[review pros=”Fun gameplay.
Great minimalist look.
Excellent soundtrack.” cons=”Challenge might be a bit too much for some.” score=82]

This 140 review is based on a PS4 copy provided by Double Fine.