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[Review Revisited] Double Dragon

Double Dragon

Way back in early 2014 I got a chance to review Double Dragon, a PS1 classic available for Sony’s PlayStation 3. This one is interesting since it’s -takes a deep breath – a PS1 port of a Neo-Geo game based on the Double Dragon movie which was based on the Double Dragon series. Still with me? OK, now here’s the kicker: this is NOT a beat ’em up like the beloved series. Instead, we got a fighting game. Is it any fun? Read our Double Dragon review to find out!


Here’s an excerpt from my original review:

Each character has a set of special moves, punches and kicks in their arsenal, but they also have a special Charge attack that is activated differently for each character, but which is obtained in the same way by everyone. As you land hits and special moves on your opponent, a blue bar will start to fill, and once said blue bar reaches your current health total, you can activate the Charge move. Since Billy and Jimmy are the stars of the franchise, their Charge move is a bit overpowered since it actually has two effects: when activated, they’re engulfed by a strange energy and then do a high jump before emerging with a new outfit and powered-up special moves… and the energy burst from said transformation can damage your opponent.

You can read the original review by clicking right here.