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[Beyond PlayStation] Fairune 2 Review


Fairune 2 Review

As you can tell from its name, Fairune 2 on the Nintendo 3DS is the sequel to Fairune- a game I have not had the pleasure of playing, but one I’ll definitely play after loving its sequel! If, like me, you haven’t played the previous game in the series, do not worry because you can easily play this one with confidence – no knowledge of the first game is needed. Want to learn more about this excellent portable release? Then come read our Fairune 2 review!


Fairune 2 is a pixel art RPG that bears some similarities to The Legend of Zelda series – particularly those up to the SNES Zelda as well as the latest one on 3DS. If you like Zelda then you are going to have a lot of fun with this one! Fairune 2 is a 3DS exclusive game that has simple but solid gameplay mechanics and a combat style similar to the old-school Ys games. All you have to do is charge at the enemy and bump into each one to defeat them.

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The game is very heavy on exploration – which uses both screens. The top screen is where the action takes place, and the bottom screen is for completing your map so that you can know where you’ve been and where you need to go. And speaking of the map, there is an in-game achievement for completely filling it, so if you want to 100% the game you’ll need to visit every spot on the map!

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You will sometimes find yourself a bit lost, unsure of what to do or where to go. This is how the game was designed, and you’ll need to search everywhere to find what to do next. Don’t worry since it will all come to you naturally as you find new areas and new enemies to defeat.

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Your ultimate goal is to rescue the trapped fairies and collect all tablets – you’ll need those later in the game. There’s also plenty locked doors that you need keys for, and they are not easy to find. They could be near or could be far, so be sure to leave no stone unturned!

At the start of the game, you are given a crystal which you can place in certain areas. You can stand on it and heal up, and since its usage is unlimited, you can make the most of it as needed. You will find weapons dotted around the map. In fact, you’ll get your first one not far from where you begin!

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As for the monsters, there is a huge variety to defeat. But, due to the game’s battle system, you can’t just charge into every enemy you see. Doing this will bring you certain doom as most will kill you with a single hit. Instead, you have to check which enemies you can defeat depending on your current level. Something else you have to remember is that once you’re powerful enough to easily overcome some enemy types, these will stop giving you any EXP.

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Overall, Fairune 2 is very addictive. I loved the simple battle mechanics and the exploration elements. It definitely brought me back to a time when I played similar games when I was younger! It’s colorful pixel art is great, and its music is very charming as well. If you’re looking for a fun RPG on the go, then you should definitely download this one today! I loved it so much that after playing it for my Fairune 2 review I’m certainly downloading the previous game as well!

pros=”Very addictive.
Beautiful retro graphics.
Simple battle mechanics” cons=”Exploration mechanics might scare some players away.” score=91]

This Fairune 2 review is based on a 3DS copy provided by Circle Entertainment.