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[Beyond PlayStation] Mr. Pumpkin Adventure Review


Mr. Pumpkin Adventure Review

Mr. Pumpkin Adventure is a point and click adventure game on the Nintendo Wii U. Mr. Pumpkin has lost his memory, so he goes on an adventure to try and recover his lost memories. Are the puzzles fun and engaging? Does the game feature a good story? Come find out in our Mr. Pumpking Adventure review!


The game is set in the Vegetable Kingdom where Mr. Pumpkin is trying to piece together his lost memories. The game is a lot of fun with a good variety of puzzles, and there is even a mini-game that can earn you hints if you can complete it.

Mr. Pumpkin Adventure Review - 1

Mr. Pumpkin Adventure has no voice acting. Instead, the story unfolds between each chapter in a comic book style fashion which I liked. It really fits the game’s interesting art style and look while allowing you to focus on the story at hand.

Your inventory is pretty standard. When you pick things up, they are automatically placed in your inventory which is at the bottom of the screen. On the side of the screen is your diary where you can view your missing pages – sometimes they’ll include hints.

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There are a lot of puzzles which involve doors, and you have to find the numbers needed to make it through. The solutions to puzzles are not obvious, and you will have to look closely at your surroundings to find what you need to do. I liked the fact that Mr. Pumpkin Adventure is not too easy while not being frustrating either. This one just requires a little bit of patience, as is the case for most point and clicks games. The puzzles are not too taxing, but they will give your brain a work out since most are mathematical in nature.

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There are plenty of hidden torn diary pages scattered around the levels which not only give you a glimpse at the game’s overall story but also provide you with hints on the puzzles so that you can progress if you get stuck.

The game offers a total of nine chapters which will take you around 5-6 hours to beat, which is a great deal for your 4 bucks. On top of this, there are multiple endings as well, so there is quite a bit of replay value for those of you who like to play the same game more than once.

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At only $4 this is an inexpensive and fun game with plenty of content and some bonus replayability thanks to its multiple endings. The levels and puzzles are great, and the animations and sounds are pretty good, so there’s not much to complain about. So if you’re looking for a point and click adventure game to play on Wii U you should definitely check this one! I had a lot of fun doing this Mr. Pumpkin Adventure review and I’m certain you’ll also like this game.

pros=”Interesting art style.
Fun hint system
Mathematical puzzles!
Different endings available.” cons=”Hints are a bit cryptic at times.” score=90]

This Mr. Pumpkin Adventure review is based on a Wi U copy provided by Circle Entertainment.