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[PS4] The Little Acre Review

The Little Acre Review

The Little Acre is a point and click adventure game set Ireland in the 1950’s. The game tells the story of Aidan and his young daughter Lily, who go and investigate the strange disappearance of Aidan’s Father. They are mysteriously transported to Clonfira to begin their investigations, and that is where the fun really begins. Want to learn more? Then come read our The Little Acre review!


The Little Acre is a wonderful and charming hand-drawn game with gorgeous animations and fun gameplay mechanics. According to developer Pewter Games, it took four years to create The Little Acre. I can say that all the hard work has been worth it, as this is a game you’re going to love. Sure, it’s a short one, but you’re going to like every minute of it. Aidan and his family live in a farmhouse in the countryside. Aidan’s father is an inventor, and his bedroom is cluttered with all his inventions.

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Have you ever played Broken Sword? To me, The Little Acre screams Revolution Studios, which makes sense considering that Charles Cecil was the executive producer for The Little Acre. The puzzles and the story telling reminded me of the beloved Broken Sword series, which, trust me, is a very good thing.

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Speaking of puzzles, you’ll use the Square, Circle or X buttons to view objects and Aidan will tell you a little bit about each thing you click on. Some items you pick up will become useful in a puzzle later on. Your journal is at the top right screen, and you can drag it down with the Triangle button. Do check it frequently so that you know what our tasks are. And if you get stuck, you can ask for a hint. But I would omit asking for any hints and solutions as these can affect the trophies in the game.

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You need to do a run without using any hints, and another run with hints and solutions. Oh! And don’t forget the speed run trophy for completing the game in less than an hour! Be sure to only try that one after you’ve finished the game once and have become familiar with what the game throws at you.

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Completting a puzzle is very satisfying since the difficulty of the puzzles just feels right. The answers are not too obvious and not too obscure, so no complaints there. The puzzles revolve around items that you have found, if you don’t have what you need you can back out and look for what you need.

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An example of a puzzle quite early in the game – as to not spoil things – happens when you’re in the room of Aidan’s dad. For this one you need water, which I did not have on me, so I had to back out of the puzzle to go and get a jug of water. I then came back and added another ingredient to complete this puzzle. As you can tell, that was one of the easier ones, and the difficulty will ramp up bit by bit as you progress in the game.

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The Little Acre is a very beautiful and flawless game that will take you around two hours to complete at most. It includes a Platinum trophy which is sure to please all fellow trophy hunters out there. The game is an absolute delight and joy to play, and I highly recommend that you pick it up today!

pros=”Flawless gameplay.
Some great puzzles to complete.
Story and writing are brilliant.
Gorgeous hand-drawn graphics.” cons=”None.” score=93]

This The Little Acre review is based on a PS4 copy provided by Curve Digital.