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[PS4] Virginia Review

Virginia Review

Virginia from developer Variable State and Publisher 505 Games is an interesting first-person thriller set in a small town with a big secret. Players take control of FBI agent Anne Tarver who is leading an investigation in the area. Will you be able to solve the mystery? Read our Virginia review to learn more about this one!


The game might feel on the short side for some of you since it clocks in at around 2 hours or so, but if you’re a fan of shows such as Twin Peaks or the X-Files you’re going to love the weirdness this one oozes. It’s not over the top, but it certainly feels as if it was paying homage to the aforementioned series.

Virginia Review - 1

There is no dialog in the game – all is told in real-time by using visual cues. You’ll sometimes be taking part of a flashback or experience a bizarre dream before suddenly changing locations. This is how the game’s story is told, and you’re either going to love it or hate it – it’s that type of game. The game’s music also plays a key role, complementing how the story is presented to you.

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The visual style of Virginia is great, going for a colorful and semi-minimalistic approach. The environments are detailed and charming while the characters are presented with a blocky look that allows them to “pop-up” in each location. The rural setting of Kingdom, Virginia presents a nice set of locations for players to explore as they try to solve the mystery at hand.

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Virginia is a short game that will probably take you around 2 hours and change to complete. Those of you who are trophy hunters will need to play the game at least twice since there’s s a trophy for completing the game twice. I suggest that you play the first time by going in “blind” without using a collectibles guide. This is a short story that should be experienced on its own. Since you need to finish it twice anyway, you can certainly use a guide during your second go.

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I liked my time with this one for my Virginia review. Playing it a second time after having gone through it all actually allowed me to notice some details here and there that I missed the first time around – or perhaps it was that I didn’t know what they meant in the game’s story. If you’re looking for a different type of “walking simulator” then I recommend that you play Virginia on PS4. It offers an interesting and bizarre story with plenty of weird things to experience in a short package.

pros=”Good story.
Great art style.
Interesting setting.” cons=”Some people might not like that it has no dialog.
Some minor slowdown at specific areas.” score=80]


This Virginia review is based on a PlayStation 4 copy provided by 505 Games.