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A Rose in the Twilight Coming To PS Vita On April 11

A Rose in the Twilight

NIS America has announced that they’ll be releasing A Rose in the Twilight for the PlayStation Vita on April 11! That date is approaching fast, and if you’re a fan of NISA you better click right here to grab your physical copy of the game since stock will be limited, especially for the Limited Edition!


A Rose in the Twilight puts the player in direct control of Rose and the giant, and in order to successfully navigate and escape the castle, the two will have to work together to solve puzzles and take turns using their own unique abilities. Rose possesses the Power of Thorns, the ability to absorb blood and inject it into static objects, which then returns the presence of time. On the other hand, the giant possesses super strength and can move large objects that are in its way, or simply overcome any obstacle it comes across. Switching between them is vital to solving almost all the puzzles you will encounter.

A Rose In The Twilight

We’re definitely looking forward to sharing more information about the game with you as soon as NISA shares it with us. And we’re more than ready to review the game for its launch later in the year, so be sure to stick around at for this and all news and reviews for NISA releases!