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[PS4] 2064: Read Only Memories Review

2064: Read Only Memories Review

2064: Read Only Memories is a cyberpunk adventure game with puzzle-solving and dialogue choices with lots of replay value if you want to explore its different dialogue branches and multiple endings. The game has a high level of polish and a nice retro pixeltastic graphic art style. MidBoss took the game to Kickstarter back in 2013, and after some delays due to technical difficulties, 2064: Read Only Memories has finally arrived on the PS4. Was it worth the wait? Read our 2064: Read Only Memories review to find out!


As the game begins, you realize that you have a review to write about some headphones, which means you’ll need to explore the room you are in to test out the headphones on the computer – known in the game as ‘Lappy.’ While you sleep, a robot called Turing breaks in, a long conversation takes place and then the game properly begins.

What is the game about you ask? Well, the story goes a bit like this: Turing, the sentient robot, is searching for Hayden, and since you are a journalist and a close friend of Hayden and according to Turing you are, statistically, the person most likely to be able to help Turing find Hayden.

Hayden is one of the scientists who have discovered a new way of enhancing the human body with cybernetic parts, so in the cyberpunk futuristic setting of 2064 seeing people with cybernetic enhancements is the norm. You’ll also find plenty of robots who are very sentient and on the brink of becoming sapient, which means having the ability of free will and being able to think and make decisions for themselves, just as us humans do.

There is a group of people who are against these types of technology, and they seem to have taken things into their own hands. Since Hayden is one of the creators of such technology, he has been kidnapped! Turing has enlisted your help to investigate the kidnapping and find him before it’s too late. Are you up for the challenge?

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During the game, you will meet an interesting cast of NPCs, and you will be asked to participate in some dodgy stuff – say, bending the law to find out information that you shouldn’t have access to. There are types of characters in the game. Some are trustworthy, and others are not and require some… persuading before they can help you in your quest.

In true point and click fashion you can interact with NPCs and with objects by clicking on them. You can look at items with the eye icon, or pick them up with a hand icon. You can even click on the mouth icon for more info on an object of interest. This gameplay mechanic is standard in a point and click adventure games, and it feels right at home for 2064: Read Only Memories. Don’t forget that clicking on objects or talking to someone more than once might give you new results!

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Because there are multiple dialogue options in the game, there is a lot of replay value in the game since oyu can choose a different path in subsequent runs. This is enhanced by the multiple endings in the game that you’ll trigger based on your choices.

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You need to be ready for massive walls of text every now and then since the game does borrow said element from visual novels. There’s plenty of info to gather and a lot of NPC to talk to, so you’ll be doing a lot of reading on this one!

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2064: Read Only Memories is a lot of fun and very engaging. The story and the writing are great, and its diverse cast of characters will keep you engaged until the end. I enjoyed the game a lot, and look forward to replaying it as I try to get some of the other endings! It’s been a long time since this game was announced for PS4, but the wait has certainly been worth it!

pros=”Brilliant writing.
A diverse cast of characters.
Interesting puzzles.” cons=”No complaints.” score=94]

This 2064: Read Only Memories review is based on a PS4 copy provided by MidBoss