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[Beyond PlayStation] Toby: The Secret Mine Review


Toby: The Secret Mine Review

Headup Games has recently released Toby: The Secret Mine on the Nintendo Wii U. This one is a puzzle platformer that takes players through an ethereal world where things aren’t what they seem. Things are dark and creepy right from the start, and every step you take might bring you too close to the many traps and enemies in your path. Ready to learn more? Then come read our Toby: The Secret Mine review!


Let’s get this out of the way: yes, starting up the game definitely brought back memories of Limbo into my head. But Toby: The Secret Mine can certainly stand on its own as a clever and fun puzzle platformer that walks out of said shadow. It might look a bit similar and share some gameplay mechanics, but it’s a challenging platformer that does its own thing on the Nintendo Wii U.

The story begins when a group of residents is rounded up and kidnapped by evil red-eyed creatures. Toby decides to go out on a quest to try and rescue them all, avoiding the many hazards and traps in the environment as he solves some puzzles along the way.

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The game’s graphics make good use of some light colors on top of the main black and white aesthetic to spice things up. It’s a very pretty game, but its minimalist look might not be for everyone – I certainly liked it!

As for the gameplay, you will solve plenty of puzzles by moving and pushing objects in each area. You need to be careful because one false move might be the end of you. You only have one life, but fortunately, the checkpoints in the game are quite generous – if you have just worked your way through a tough section and die you won’t have to repeat a ton of things.

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Remember how I said you should be careful, so you don’t end up dead? Well, that’s good advice, but you will certainly die in this game. A LOT. The good part is there is no randomization (no procedurally generated content), so you can certainly learn from your mistakes as you find a new approach if any section is giving you trouble.

If you get stuck at some point in the game, be sure to check the surrounding area. Clues are available, but you need to look carefully around you to find what you need to be able to progress to the next section of the game.

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You can play the game either on your TV or on the GamePad’s screen thanks to the available Off-TV mode. This is always a nice option to have since it allows you to continue playing if the TV is unavailable.

Regarding the game’s challenge and difficulty, I would say that Toby: The Secret Mine is challenging but never frustrating. It’s a short game, sure, but it has a lot of fun to offer. The developers have managed to deliver a polished game on Wii U. If you want a good puzzle platformer for your Nintendo home console, you should definitely download Toby: The Secret Mine!

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[review pros=”Easy to pick up and play.
Clever puzzles” cons=”Nothing in particular.” score=83]

This Toby: The Secret Mine review is based on a Wii U copy provided by Headup Games.