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[PS4] The Bug Butcher Review

The Bug Butcher Review

The Bug Butcher from Awfully Nice Studios and Triangle Studios is a PlayStation 4 game where everything is presented in great looking 2D with action that never stops. Are you looking for an arcade-style bug infested release for Sony’s home console? Then come read our The Bug Butcher review to see why this is a must-have game!


The story goes like this: you control Harry who is sent on an assignment to help rid a research facility on planet Zoit of the deadly bugs that
are out to get the scientists. You must destroy every single bug in the entire building before your mission can be over. Sounds fun, right? Well, it certainly is!

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The gameplay shares a couple of elements with classic Super Buster Bros./Super Pang since you can only shoot up and enemies split into smaller version as you deal damage to them. The game’s controls are easy to understand. You can Move with the left analog stick or the D-pad. There’s a dash action you can activate with the Circle button. Shooting is done with the X button, and you can hold down the button to auto-shoot.

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Once you fill the meter on the lower right corner of the screen, you’ll be able to activate your power-up with the Square button. The first one available allows you to have an increased running speed, temporary invincibility, and a faster firing rate, making it ideal for times when you feel a bit overwhelmed. There are more power-ups for you to use, so be sure to use all of them so that you can learn more about their strengths and weaknesses. I found that the one that freezes all enemies was the most useful one since it also freezes the multiplier so that it does not run out.

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When you begin, you’ll be able to select between three difficulty settings: Easy, Medium and Hard. As you can probably figure out, Easy is the most welcoming of all three difficulties, granting you more health and enemies that don’t seem as deadly. Medium is the regular experience the developer expects you to have with The Bug Butcher. And Hard is, well, hard! You only get one hit so everything is deadly and a single mistake will spell doom for you.
Enemies will come out of the roof, through the floor and from the sides as well, so you need to constantly be on the move. Watch out for the warning sign (a flashing skull) that will signal which hatch will be used by enemies to enter the area, and be ready!

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Each mission will let you know how much time you have left before failing, and what your score needs to be to get each of its three stars. You’ll also need to reach a specific combo multiplier requirement if you want to 100% the game! Each star you get in a level will reward you with some bonus money – same goes for meeting the combo target for the mission. So if you want to improve your odds of survival, doing great on a mission is a good way to get started. I suggest that you use the money you collect from each level upgrade your weapons, power-ups, and perks a bit before you decide to dive into going for full three-star runs in each mission – a more powerful weapon or having a larger combo meter window will surely help you!

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The game includes 21 trophies in total but no Platinum – this means that all trophies for the game are of the Bronze variety. You’ll be asked to beat the target combo for all levels in a floor, collecting three stars in all levels in a floor, unlocking all weapons, perks, and powerups in arcade mode, killing X number of enemies with a specific weapon, and more. It’s a varied list that will certainly keep you busy for a while.

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You know a game is fun when you’re done writing a review for it, and you still end up going back to play some more. The Bug Butcher is an excellent arcade-style action game that is a must-have for PlayStation 4 owners. The bite-sized nature of each level makes the whole package highly addictive. You’ll keep playing to get all three stars and to meet the combo requirement in a level… only to then aim at beating your high score, or beating the high score of your friends.

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Solid gameplay mechanics.
Online leaderboards.” cons=”Nothing in particular.” score=91]

This The Bug Butcher review is based on a PS4 copy provided by Triangle Studios.