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[PS4] Bridge Constructor Review

Bridge Constructor Review

Bridge Constructor from Headup Games is, as the name implies, a game where you construct bridges. The island nation of Camaturga was hit by a large earthquake that destroyed all bridges. It is, therefore, your job to build new bridges to connect its citizens. Are you up for the challenge? Come read our Bridge Constructor review to learn more about this fun puzzle game!


The basic premise is simple: build a bridge that doesn’t collapse under its own weight. You’re given a specific budget for each stage and must complete the bridge within budget no matter what. You’ll also need to test the bridge to make sure it can resist vehicle traffic, so you’ll have to be extra careful with where and how you build each structure!

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As for the controls in Bridge Constructor, you move the cursor with either the left analog stick or the D-Pad and can move the camera around with the right analog stick. You can zoom in with the L2 button or zoom out with the R2 button. You can build an element with the X button, delete a build with the Square button or cancel a build with the Circle button. Once you’re ready to check if your construction is solid enough, you can hit the R1 button to run a simulation. Before you can run a simulation, you’ll need to select between sending cars or trucks over your bridge. If your bridge can resist trucks, you’ll get a bonus to your overall score.

Oh, and once you’ve completed all levels you can go back and test your bridges with a heavier type of vehicle that will be unlocked for you to test your skills – this increases replay value since you’ll need to rethink each of your bridges to resists this new vehicle.

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Each level has a grid overlay that will help you to build each bridge exactly as you want it to. The overlay is very handy for when you need to make small changes to a bridge at the right angle so that the whole structure can stand in one piece and take the weight of vehicles. And if you want to fine tune things some more, you can press the Triangle button to activate a smaller overlay with smaller squares for some precise construction.

Things start out very easy since the first handful of levels act as an extended tutorial. You’ll be shown how to build a flat bridge made out of wood – the cheapest material in your arsenal – so that it can withstand the weight. You’ll then be introduced to new materials such as concrete which is pretty much indestructible but is also heavier and more expensive. Oh, and you can only build concrete out of special yellow anchor points. There are also cables which can be used over long distances to add more resistance to your bridges, as long as you set them just right.

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Bridge Constructor autosaves your progress, and it then syncs your saves with the cloud. This is probably done so that players can’t cheat in the leaderboards. The one problem with this is that if your connection is not great, the game will hang for a bit while it tries to force a save to the cloud.

The PlayStation 4 version of the game also includes the SlopeMania add-on that includes 24 extra levels with new settings and sloping roads, which is a nice bonus. On top of this, the game also features improved graphics and global leaderboards so that you can compare your score with everyone else on the planet. Are you sure you’re as good as you think you are?

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Bridge Constructor is a very fun puzzle game that will challenge players to find the best way to build bridges within their budget to maximize their resistance at the lowest possible cost. There’s a lot of replay value in here as you aim to do it all over again with the trucks – if you didn’t do it the first time – not to mention the heavier and larger trucks unlocked later in the game. The added content with the SlopeMania levels is also great for extending the life of this one, as is the case for the global leaderboards where players can try to improve their scores to rise in the ranking.

[review pros=”Good controls.
Lots of content.
Online leaderboards.” cons=”Some mild slowdown at a couple spots.” score=82]

This Bridge Constructor review is based on a PS4 copy provided by Headup Games.