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[Review Revisited] Derrick the Deathfin


Derrick the Deathfin is an indie game that released four years ago, and which didn’t originally get all the love it deserved.

I’m revisiting this review today because I played the game a little while after it was released, and I wanted to let people know about this hidden gem which EdEN loved.


You can read the original review right here.

In “the world’s premiere underwater papercraft game“, you must avenge Derrick’s parents who have been killed by an evil corporation. The game’s levels and everything you’ll see in this game has been carefully handcrafted, and it gives it a very unique look and feel.

The gameplay is arcade in nature, and becomes harder as you progress. I managed to get all the trophies in this game in around 6 hours, so they’re totally obtainable and rewarding. I recommend you to try this game, because it’s really a unique indie experience on the PSN and one that deserves our support!