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Persona 5 - Come Check Out Ichiko Ohya!

Persona 5 - Ichiko Ohya

Confidants are very important in the world of Persona 5. Atlus has shared with us a trailer for Ichiko Ohya, one of the confidants in the game, and we wanted to share that with you!


When she’s not busy chasing a lead, journalist Ichiko Ohya can be found enjoying a drink (or two or three or four or five) at the Crossroads Bar in Shinjuku. So why would the Phantom Thieves want to work with a pesky reporter? Simply put, they have a special “deal.” The protagonist supplies her with interesting tid-bits about the Thieves, and she’ll write articles about them. The public is going crazy for more news about the mysterious masked group, so why not just let Ichiko give it to them? Besides, having more fame/infamy is great for the team’s street cred. Oh, and she’ll also provide useful abilities like making it harder for the security level to fill during Palace heists.


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