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[PS4] No Time To Explain Review

No Time To Explain Review

No Time To Explain from tinyBuild is a fast-paced, challenging and cruel platformer where you must do everything you can to stay alive long enough to be killed by the deadly bosses in your path. You know, until you can figure out their attack patterns. Or to be killed by the deadly hazards in each stage. Come read our No Time To Explain review to learn more about this fun arcade-style game!


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The game begins when you are given a message… by you. This other you is you but from another time and place when you are another you. Got that? This you will give you a warning: something bad is going to happen, but there’s no time to explain it. And then a giant thing breaks through the wall and grabs you, as you watch in dismay and shock. What are you to do but follow you to save you from this madness?

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This 2D platformer/shooter/crazy thing is fast-paced, action-packed, and something-something. The controls are certainly very interesting. Sure, you can run and jump, as expected, but you also have a very powerful weapon thing that you can shoot to gain momentum as you run, gun and jump around each stage. The gun is so powertastic, that it will send you moving in the opposite direction. This means you can, say, run, jump and fire your gun below and to the right and gain some extra height and distance for said jump. This is the main gameplay mechanic and something you’ll be using a lot, so make sure you use the first handful of levels to get the hang of things.

There’s a lot of trial and error involved in this experience since you will end up dying a lot before you can complete each level. Reaching the exit sounds easy, but there are plenty of hazards in your way, and everything is deadly. Spikes are a classic and spell doom for you. Same goes for bottomless pits. So if you stay away those you might be alive long enough to make it to the next area relatively “unharmed.”

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Each level can technically be completed in more than one way, and you should certainly explore around a bit instead of taking the most obvious route. Why? Because you might end up finding one of the many hats you can add to your collection to spice up your character’s wardrobe. These hats change nothing about the gameplay, but who doesn’t love a nice hat?

The game includes ten trophies in total: 1 Gold, 5 Silver and 4 Bronze. That’s certainly a very interesting distribution for trophy hunters, but do be warned that due to the nature of the game, and that you require hats for most of the silver trophies, you’ll be spending a lot of time trying to unlock all trophies. At least you’ll get a freebie the moment you start playing the game, the aptly titled “Newbie.”

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Is No Time To Explain fun? Yes. Is it a very challenging game? Yes. Are you going to die a lot as you try to get to the exit? Yes. Is No Time To Explain worthy of your time? Certainly. I recommend that you give this one a go on PlayStation 4 so that you can see what you’re really made of. Also, if you like hats, even just a bit, then this is a must-have title for your collection.

[review pros=”Hectic and fun gameplay.
Non-stop action.
Hats. Lots of hats.” cons=”Could be too challenging.” score=81]

This No Time To Explain review is based on a PS4 copy provided by tinyBuild.