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[Review Revisited] VVVVVV


Flip your way to freedom as you search for your crew members who have been scattered all over the place. Can you get your crew back together in VVVVVV?

VVVVVV – Random Encounter

A few months ago VVVVVV was included in PS+. Like a lot of the PS+ games I’ve gotten thanks to my subscription, it sat in my backlog until I was ready to play it. I finally loaded it up on my Vita recently, knowing it was a critically acclaimed game, to see what the fuss was about.

This is an open world platformer with a large area to explore. Your crew members have been scattered throughout it all, so you must find them all and bring them back to your ship.


To navigate you can only move left or right and flip gravity so that your character flies up to the ceiling or comes crashing into the floor. You have to constantly flip gravity to navigate the world, and this is the main gameplay mechanic that allows you to solve all puzzles in the game.

You will die a lot in this game. Like, a lot. While it only took me a bit over two hours to beat the game, I ended up dying over 1100 times! This game is for people who are great at puzzle/platformers and who aren’t afraid of a challenge.

If you’re a PS+ member, you probably also have this game sitting in your backlog – and you can play it on PS4 and Vita. I decided to play this one on Vita since I love my platformers on the go, and I had a blast. Do dig this gem out and give it ago as it’s one of the most fun games I’ve played on Sony’s consoles.


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