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Enter the Gungeon Supply Drop Now On PS4

Enter The Gungeon

Enter the Gungeon is a crazy fun game, and now Dodge Roll has gone back to the game to include more content and new tweaks to make it even better!

Check out the Supply Drop trailer below to get a glimpse at all the new cool stuff now included with the game thanks to this update on PS4.


Dave Crooks, Founder and Designer at Dodge Roll, had this to say about where they are taking the game next:

We really hope you enjoy the update, but Gungeon is not complete. We are planning a true expansion to be released late this year or early next, that will considerably expand the scale, and lore, of the Gungeon — and maybe let you get revenge on a certain rat. There will also be new Mimics. So stay tuned.

Even more content and a larger game is certainly good news! We look forward to trying the new Supply Drop content, and can’t wait to see what the developer does next!


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