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[PS Vita] Uncanny Valley Review

Uncanny Valley Review

Uncanny Valley is a pixelated 2D psychological survival horror game where exploration plays a big part. Can you solve the puzzles in your path as you try to stay alive? Come read our Uncanny Valley review to learn more about this PS Vita and PS4 release!


Uncanny Valley stars Tom, a night watchman in an abandoned facility in a remote location – the facility appears to be some factory. Tom’s shift mainly consists of patrolling the corridors making sure nothing is amiss. Gameplay is split up with each night shift lasting approximately seven minutes in real time. You have complete freedom to do as you see fit during your time in the factory, and can enter all areas.

Tom constantly suffers from recurring nightmares which create a feeling of not knowing if you are playing out his nightmare or if it’s the game’s reality. You will definitely get that a bit of an “oh that’s creepy” feel as you play the game. Uncanny Valley certainly takes it’s psychological survival horror very seriously, and it will keep you stressed out during your run.

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The game’s pace is a bit on the slow side of things as it does take a bit to get going. You might feel a bit confused at first until you get the hang of things and learn to balance what you do during your shifts and how you handle Tom’s nightmares. Every night you must go home and get some sleep because not doing so certainly won’t help things! Tom’s nightmares will be more action-oriented and more fast-paced than the exploration sections, which does bring a nice balance to the game.

As yo explode the factory you will discover it was once used to build automatons! With some snooping here and there, and after listening to some of the audio tapes, you’ll start to piece it all together. There are also hints about waht caused the downfall of the factory. I won’t say more as to not spoil the game for you, but I do want to mention that you should certainly explore every single area in the factory to learn the whole truth!

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The game needs to be played several times to fully understand its story and to explore all possible endings. Each playthrough is short and to the point – you could get your first ending in roughly 20 minutes! There’s a lot of content to experience, so each ending will definitely take some work. Do pay attention to the choices you make and the paths you take in each of your runs to narrow down what needs to be done to get a different ending.

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Since the game requires multiple playthroughs to unlock all of its endings, you would think this would make it a good candidate for a Platinum trophy, but that is not the case. You’ll be tasked with unlocking 12 trophies in total, with one Gold, four Silver, and seven Bronze trophies you can add to your collection.

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Uncanny Valley is an interesting game that fans of games such as Lone Survivor and Claire: Extended Cut will certainly like. There’s a lot of content to experience in this PS Vita and PS4 psychological survival horror game, and every run will put you on the path towards a different ending as long as you remember what you’ve done before and what you’re going to do next.

[review pros=”Plenty of replay value.
Creepy setting.” cons=”Might feel a bit slow at times.” score=83]

This Uncanny Valley review is based on a PS Vita copy provided by Digerati.