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[PS4] Flywrench Review

Flywrench Review

Flywrench from indie studio Messhof is an interestingly weird platformer/puzzle game on PS4. You’re tasked with taking control over a small white line that must get from point A to point B in one piece. The premise sounds simple, but this is a very challenging game that will test your skills in full. Want to learn more? Then read our Flywrench review!


I suggest that before you dive into the game, you give the tutorial section a go so that you can learn the basics. You can move around with the left analog stick, and you can press the X button to flap away. If you hold the analog stick in a direction but down and press the X button, you’ll do a super-flap. Holding the down direction on the analog stick and pressing the X button will activate anti-flaps.

Color is very important in Flywrench since you need to be the same color as the hazards around you if you want to survive. When you’re not doing anything, your line will be white. When flapping or holding down the X button, your line will be red. The Square button will turn your line green. Oh, and it will also allow it to bounce all over the place, making it impervious to damage from walls.

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But white, red and green are not the only colors you’ll run into! Oh no, that would be too easy! You’ll find more colors, not to mention moving hazards that will make you completely rethink your approach to the game. Wait until gravity kicks in… that’s certainly a twist that makes Flywrench feel completely different!

As you can imagine, Flywrench will ease you into things so that you can learn the basics before it dials up the difficulty level. All of the Pluto levels (the first stage you can access) exist as an extended gameplay tutorial so that you can get the hang of the controls and the game’s basic premise.

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Each level within a stage can be completed in a few seconds once you find the right way to solve it. Some will require that you quickly switch between colors as you move, while others will require that you quickly move around a very small space where a single mistake will cost you dearly.

You can change difficulties between Helmet Mode (easy) or Normal Mode (not as easy). If you feel a bit overwhelmed by the game’s action, then there is no shame in changing the difficulty to Helmet Mode.

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Most of the game’s trophies are simple and to the point since they only ask that you complete all levels in each of the planets. There’s also the mandatory trophy for completing the game’s Story Mode, as well as a particularly tricky one for completing Story Mode in two hours and fifty minutes or less. And no, there’s no Platinum trophy in this one. It happens.

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Flywrench is a very fun and highly addictive PS4 release. It grabbed my attention right from the start and did not let me go until I had opened my way though each of the areas. It’s minimalist presentation, and tight gameplay mechanics make it very easy to be able to focus completely on the action on screen as you blast your way through narrow corridors, spinning blades and innocent-looking squares.

pros=”Solid and fun gameplay mechanics.
A lot of content.” cons=”None” score=88]

This Flywrench review is based on a PS4 copy provided by Messhof.