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[PS4] Toy Odyssey: Lost and Found Review

Toy Odyssey: Lost and Found Review

Toy Odyssey: Lost and Found from publisher Digital Smash and developer Hikergames is a randomly generated action adventure game with platforming elements. You spend each night exploring the house for craftable items, bolts – which are the game’s currency – and rescue toys that are trapped in rooms! Want to learn more? Then read our Toy Odyssey: Lost and Found review!


You play as an action figure called Brand, a toy soldier that belongs to a little boy named Felix. Felix has been having nightmares since his family moved into a new house, so it is up to you to find out why the house constantly changes, and why your master is having all these nightmares. The game will begin in Felix’s toy-riddled bedroom, which will serve as the base where you have access to inventory, a crafting station, and a building station. You must then protect the bedroom from the toys that have been captured by the darkness.

To beat the game, you will have to learn to use the crafting stations and familiarize yourself with the build station, always taking note of the crafting materials you will need. The game is not as easy as you may think. As you complete each night or if you die before you end the night, the rooms randomly change up, making it completely impossible to learn the layout, this makes completing quests very challenging, but also highly rewarding.

The story of the game is by the diary pages you can find in each room. There is a diary in the base that you can read to get a clearer picture of the story. The diary pages are about the previous owners of the house, called the Clades. This will give you some insight as to what is going on and why.

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The ultimate goal of the game is to rescue the toys. When you have found one, you are tasked with clearing out the entire room of enemy toys so that the rescued toy can complete it’s journey back to the safety of Felix’s Room. Fortunately, though, if you die you are sent back to Felix’s bedroom and automatically bring back with you all the items and bolts you managed to find.

The in-game currency you collect can be used to upgrade the main character, its weapons, and even the base! If you have the required number of bolts and the materials you can fortify Felix’s room… but you do need to prioritize and decide which upgrades are more important. This will become obvious as you play since you’ll understand what is working and what isn’t.

Every night, while the people sleep, you’ll be out completing quests such as killing ten bugs, or flicking on a particular light in a specific room, to name a few. This might sound simple but remember that the layout of the house changes, not to mention that the more powerful you become, the harder the game will get.

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As for the trophies there is a Platinum, but it’s certainly not an easy one! One of the most challenging of the bunch asks that you survive for 49 days without dying once. Good luck with that one!

I had a great time with the game for my Toy Odyssey: Lost and Found review. It ran great on my PS4, was fun to play and very rewarding. The one complaint I’d have is that the in-game text is very small. Other than that, I recommend that you give this one a go!

pros=”Very addictive gameplay.
Great replay value.
Tons of customization.” cons=”In-game text is too small.” score=87]

This Toy Odyssey: Lost and Found Review is based on a PS4 copy provided by Digital Smash.