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[PS4] Semispheres Review

Semispheres Review

Semispheres from Vivid Helix is a charming puzzle game on PS4. You control two spheres and must make sure each reaches its corresponding exit to complete a level. You move one with the left analog stick and another with the right analog stick and must make sure not to run into the line of sight of sentries or else your sphere will be sent to its starting point. Want to learn more about this clever game? Then come read our Semispheres review!


The game will slowly ease you into things showing you how to control each sphere over a handful of tutorial levels. The first one lets you learn how to move, and then you’re introduced to the power of sentries. After this, you’ll be shown how you can use items with the shoulder buttons to activate items – L1 for the red sphere and R1 for the blue sphere – to distract sentries to move them from their current spot so that you can quickly move past them before they return.

And then, you’ll be shown portals. Entering a portal will allow a sphere to briefly enter the dimension of the other sphere to help it reach the exit. There are other items you’ll find later in the game that changes the way you would approach a puzzle, and they make the whole experience feel fresh from start to finish. But portals, yeah… portals are a big deal in this one.

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Levels are split into sets of five, and as you complete each set, you’ll get to see the game’s story unfold in comic book style stills that tell the story of a boy and the particular gift he one day receives. I won’t spoil what happens so that you can experience the story on your own. It’s nothing groundbreaking, but it’s a nice bonus on top of the fun puzzles and solid gameplay mechanics.

There are only fourteen trophies for Semispheres and no Platinum in sight. On the bright-side, thirteen of the trophies are for completing all of the game’s levels, while the last one is a hidden trophy you’ll have to try and unlock on your own.

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I enjoyed the relaxing pacing and feel of the game. While writing my Semispheres review, I continued to play the game even after I had drafted this review. When a game does that to you, you know it’s doing something right. The fact that there are no timers rushing you to beat a level as fast as possible, not to mention that there’s no “game over” of any sort as you play make this a very great pick up and play release that quickly puts you “in the zone.” I highly recommend Semispheres to puzzle game fans as it will provide you with many hours of fun before you manage to finish the final puzzle.

[review pros=”Interesting premise.
Solid gameplay mechanics.
Very relaxing.” cons=”No complaints.” score=87]

This Semispheres review is based on a PS4 copy provided by Vivid Helix.