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[PS Vita] Bridge Constructor Review

Bridge Constructor review

Bridge Constructor is a physics simulation puzzle game in which you must design bridges over gaps. Once you are done designing the bridge, you can test it under various circumstances, and it must be strong enough to withstand its own weight and cars weight without collapsing. I’m a fan of this type of games, as you can tell from myElefunk coverage. This package also includes a DLC called Slope Mania with extra levels, all in a single release. Interested so far? Learn more in our Bridge Constructor review!

Become an appraised bridge engineer and architect, create and design your own constructions and watch the cars and trucks pass over them – or see them fall and crash while your inferior creations collapse due to weight and the laws of physics.

Bridge Constructor – Trailer


The game is all about designing various bridges over different types of gaps in various regions using the supplied materials and budget. When you begin in design mode, you can freely create your bridge. But once you enter simulation mode, the physics engine is applied to the various segments of the bridge, and you’ll see if its strong enough to hold on. It might even collapse on its own if it has been poorly designed!

Bridge Constructor review

You have a limited budget and resources to complete each bridge, and while the first levels are easy, it gets harder relatively quickly as ou progress through each set of levels. You have infinite time to think about your strategy too, so you aren’t rushed to quickly find the best solution.

If your bridge can stand on its own, then you’ll have to test if two cars can pass over it while it stays in one piece. And if it’s solid, you can then test it with a small truck. And if it’s still standing, you’ll be able to test it with two huge tank trucks (once you’ve unlocked them). If you can manage to get the trucks to go over the bridge, you’ll be rewarded with bonus points to bring you closer to the top slots on the global leaderboard.

One of the things I loved the most is how there are many ways to complete each level: creativity is a must, and some levels made me feel proud of finding a proper solution. And then, other levels made me laugh out loud as I saw how what I thought was a great bridge ended up collapsing.

There is no help in this game besides the beginning tutorial that shows you the basics, so you’ll have to figure every puzzle by yourself. And, sure, if you’re really and totally stumped, there might be some online guides available for you to check. I’d suggest you use this as a last option since finding the solution for each puzzle is where the game shines.

Bridge Constructor review

A quick note about the Vita version: it plays very well, but it does have some spots where loading times can feel just a bit too long. It does not detract from the main experience, but it is something you should know about.

Bridge Constructor review


Final Thoughts
I had an absolute blast figuring out how to build each bridge properly so that it didn’t fall as soon as I let gravity do its worst. The physics in this game are perfectly implemented, and while it starts easy enough, the difficulty will quickly ramp up without ever feeling unfair.

One of my daughters watched as I designed some bridges, and we both had a lot of fun with all the trial and error involved with finding the right solution for each puzzle. I highly recommend this game, especially since it’s a Cross-Buy release that you can play either on PS4 or PS Vita.


[review pros=”Cross-Buy between the PS4 and Vita versions.
Includes the Slope Mania DLC for free.
Many ways to clear each level.
VERY fun to play!” cons=”Some long loading here and there” score=85]


Cost: $9.99

PSN Game Size: 400MB

This Bridge Constructor review is based on a PS Vita