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[PS4] Lost Sea Review

Lost Sea Review

Lost Sea from eastasiasoft is a hack and slash exploration game with procedurally generated islands you must explore to find a way to return home after being trapped in the Bermuda Triangle. Can you make it out of here alive? Come read our Lost Sea review to learn more about this fun action game!


As stated above, every run you do is going to feature random islands, random support characters and random enemies thrown at you. On top of this, not all islands are created equally! There’s a board you move on depending on the value of the tablets you find during your quest. The tablets act like dice – each has a value you can use to move X number of spaces on the board. If you want to maximize your odds, be sure to purchase the upgrade for ensuring that when you obtain more than one tablet each will have a different value.

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Each enemy you defeat will reward you with XP, and you should definitely defeat all enemies you find on your path. XP are very valuable since you can use it to unlock new player skills such as being able to run by holding down the R2 button, making it so sometimes the enemies you defeat drop healing items, being able to unleash a spin attack, and more.

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Other upgrades you can purchase with coins include revealing a tablet at random on the map, revealing a random crew member on the map, and one that permanently reduces the amount of XP required for unlocking new skills. These are all great and considerably help your odds of survival since they allow you to plan ahead as soon as you land on an island. Nothing slows down your progress more than having to search every corner of the island because you don’t know where a tablet is located… not to mention how dangerous having to defeat all enemies would be!

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The game’s premise might feel a tad repetitive to some of you, but you should certainly give the game a chance. There’s plenty of variety in this release, especially when you move from one type of environment to the next. Sure, some runs might be slower or harder if the batch of crew members you get on an island does not feature powerful characters or ones with the particular skills you need for the island – and for future island.

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You see, each crew member might, for example, have a skill that allows him/her to build bridges to new areas on an island. Or perhaps he/she will have extra hit points and hit harder when attacking. Or maybe one crew member will be able to open treasure chests! Some crew members come with more than one skill, so be sure to find the right balance for your run. I’d suggest you unlock an extra crew member slot as soon as possible so that you can have two (or more) crew members with you for each island so that you can have a balanced party.

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I’ve enjoyed previous release from eastasiasoft, and I certainly had fun with this colorful release! During my time playing the game for this Lost Sea review I kept coming back to it to do a new run and then another one, learning along the way who the best crew members were, how to defeat large enemies without risking defeat, what skills are more useful early on and which ones I needed to save for right away, and more. If you’re looking for a fun hack and slash game, then you should definitely check this one out!

[review pros=”Fun pick up and play hack and slash release.
Lots of content to play.
Full trophy count.” cons=”Might feel a bit repetitive for some.
Considerable difficulty spikes if you only get hard islands in a roll.” score=81]

This Lost Sea review is based on a PS4 copy provided by eastasiasoft.