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Clicker Heroes Coming To PlayStation 4 Next Week

Clicker Heroes

Playsaurus is ready to unleash Clicker Heroes for all of you to play on PlayStation 4! Come check out its trailer and learn more about this game.


Tim DeVos, developer at Playsaurus Inc., had this to say about the game:

Clicker Heroes is part of a relatively new genre of games called “idle games” (sometimes also known as incremental games or clicker games). At their core, idle games are all about exponential growth, and having the game “play for you.” You start out with some amount of resources and you make decisions on how to grow your resources into more resources in the quickest amount of time.

These decisions are not unlike how you might compare pieces of gear or spend stat points in a normal roleplaying game. However, instead of needing to grind for gear or experience by performing tedious work, resources are gained automatically over time based on the decisions you make. By requiring your attention for the most important choices of how to spend your resources, games like Clicker Heroes are great for running in the background of your life.

Clicker Hereoes - 1


We’ll keep you updated on what Clicker Heroes has to offer when it launches next week, so be sure to stick around at!