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[PS4] Castle Invasion: Throne Out Review

Castle Invasion: Throne Out Review

Castle Invasion: Throne Out is a fun and colorful castle defense game where you’re tasked with keeping your newly acquired castle in one piece. It turns out that the greedy King wants your castle for himself, and is ready to send peasants, armored knights, dwarves and more to get things done. With your trusty bow and arrows, you will need to defeat wave after wave of enemies in each of the game’s levels. Read our Castle Invasion: Throne Out review to learn more about this game!


Things start out very easy as the enemies you face are slow and not that strong, but that’s only because the game is showing you the basics. After a few levels you’ll end up gaining a heavy and powerful spear that is certainly slower than your bow – this is the weapon you need for damaging the heavily armored knights.

Castle Invasion: Throne Out Review - 3

A handful of levels later you’ll face a mighty dragon as your first boss, a foe you’ll be able to defeat with perseverance and a bit of patience, but who you probably won’t be able to three-star during your first run since the time requirement is a bit harsh unless you grind a bit on earlier levels for extra goal to upgrade your arsenal.

Castle Invasion: Throne Out Review - 1

There’s a good variety of level types available. Along with the regular “enemies are coming!” levels, there’s some variations on the classic formula. There are some levels where you can speed up or slow down the action, or others where it’s pitch dark, and you must use fire arrows to keep torches lit. These extra elements add to the overall experience and allow the game to avoid being too repetitive.

Castle Invasion: Throne Out Review - Dark

On the level select menu is an anvil sign you can click on to visit the blacksmith. For a fee, he’ll allow you yo upgrade the speed, damage and reload speed of your weapons, your movement speed and more. Upgrades are reasonably priced at first, but they skyrocket after you improve a stat twice.

Castle Invasion: Throne Out Review - Upgrades

As I mentioned before, you are rated on a three-star scale for each level. Requirements for getting a star go from completing a level to keeping your castle’s health over a particular threshold to completing a level within a set time limit, to name a few. Each level mixes the requirements to keep things fresh, and yes, there are trophies awarded for collecting all stars in the game.

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Castle Invasion is a very addictive release that will keep you playing for “just one more level” over and over until it’s late at night. It has simple to understand gameplay mechanics, and its difficulty is fair. So if you’re looking for a fun castle defense game on PS4 (or Vita since this is a cross-buy release), then you should definitely play this one.

[review pros=”Solid, fast-paced gameplay.
Very addictive nature.” cons=”Could feel a bit repetitive for some.” score=80]

This Castle Invasion: Throne Out review is based on a PS4 copy provided by Cat Trap Studios.