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[PS4] Hunter’s Legacy Review

Hunter's Legacy Review

Hunter’s Legacy from Lienzo is an interesting Metroidvania release on PlayStation 4. You play as Ikki, a warrior out on a quest to recover the Fang of Alliance which has been stolen. Will she succeed in her quest? Read our Hunter’s Legacy review to learn more about this fun release!


First, let’s talk about the game’s controls. You run with the left analog stick or the D-Pad, and you can slice with your weapon with the Square button. You can attack in front of you, as well as above and below you, all depending on what direction you press on the left analog stick or the D-Pad. Jumping is handled by the X button, while the Circle button allows you to roll away from danger. If you jump close to an edge, Ikki will automatically grab to it. The Triangle button will use your bow… that is, once you find it.

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If you are damaged, I suggest that you cut down the grass you find along the way since some of it might be hiding a delicious fish that will restore some of your hit points. Just be careful as sometimes tall grass might be hiding and enemy or two! You should be careful as a handful of hits will greatly damage you.

Saving your game is a good thing, so be sure to find the save shrines in each area. Touching them is all you need to do for your game to be saved. Changing between large areas will also save your game, so do keep this in mind during your adventure runs.

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In Hunter’s Legacy there are treasure chests to loot, and hitting a chest with your weapon will grant you access to its contents. Regular chests will reward you with gems and coins, while white chests hold special items. The gems and coins you find will act as the game’s currency, and you can use this to purchase things such as HP upgrades with the Healer – as long as you also have some ore on you. You can also visit the Blacksmith to increase the damage your sword deals, or to boost how fast magical arrows can be activated.

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Speaking of magical arrows, you’ll get them as a reward after defeating your first boss, and they will be the first item that starts to open up the game a bit. Charged magical arrows can be used to destroy blocks with a blue gem on the center – blocks which are, well, blocking some areas of the game.

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There are fourteen trophies in total for the game, but no Platinum trophy. You can get most of them in a single run, but you will be required to do a second run for a specific trophy since it requires that you complete the game without obtaining a single upgrade. Doing a second run to meet this requirement will certainly be easier once you’ve completed the game once since you’ll know what you’ll be going up against.

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Hunter’s Legacy is a fun Metroidvania on PS4 that will give even experienced players a bit of a workout. Its difficulty is not overwhelming but more skilled players will have an easier time finding everything in the game. If you’re looking for a new Metroidvania to take on the PlayStation 4, Hunter’s Legacy is a good option.

[review pros=”Fun gameplay.
Colorful graphics.
Fair challenge” cons=”Couple of bugs with platforming but nothing major.” score=80]

This Hunter’s Legacy review is based on a PS4 copy provided by Lienzo.