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[Review Revisited] Time and Eternity


Time and Eternity is an RPG from NIS America which was released back in 2013. This game begins with the wedding of Zack and Toki (two of the main protagonists). The wedding is then ambushed, Zack gets killed, and Toki reveals her true nature as a Time Traveler with a twin soul (Towa). Time and Eternity doesn’t feature heavy Time Travel mechanics (as in, say, Chrono Trigger), but is overall a light-hearted RPG that I liked!

You can read the original review right here.

One of the first things that pleasantly surprised me while playing was the game’s art style: everything is hand-drawn!

The battle system was cool as well, and switching from Toki to Towa was fun. I do recall that some monsters had scripted attack patterns, and a few of them were really annoying. All in all, I liked this game, and eventually played enough to obtain the Platinum trophy of Time and Eternity (it isn’t very hard to achieve but does require two playthroughs).