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[Beyond PlayStation] Blaster Master Zero Review

  • On March 13, 2017

Blaster Master Zero Review

Blaster Master Zero from Inti Creates is a remake of the beloved Blaster Master from the NES. The original has been revamped for its debut in front of a new generation of gamers, and it has made its way to the Nintendo Switch. Is this upgrade one you should download today on Nintendo’s latest console? Read our Blaster Master Zero review to find out!


It seems that at some point Earth froze, bit time. This ice age ended up forcing humans to move underground or risk extinction. After a long time had passed, the ice age ended, and mankind decided to works towards being able to leave behind its underground home to once again populate the Earth. It is within this setup that our adventure in Blaster Master Zero begins.

Blaster Master Zero Review - Cutscene

Everything is set into motion when main character Jason Frudnick finds a type of creature he had never seen before – he decides to call it Fred. He begins to study it, until one day Fred escapes. It ends up entering a mysterious hole that suddenly appeared out of nowhere. After following Fred into the hole, Jason finds himself inside an underground cavern where he encounters a vehicle that says SOPHIA III on its side. Jason uses this powerful vehicle to embark on a journey to find Fred.

Blaster Master Zero Review - Boss

Before diving into the game, you can check the game’s controls since they depend on what type of section you’re playing. During side view mode, you move around with the left analog stick or the not a D-Pad. You can change weapons with the L button and change the angle of the canon with the R button. You can select weapons with the + button. The Y button allows you to shoot, the A button activates your sub-weapon, the B button makes you jump, and the X button is used to enter and exit the vehicle. Finally, the ZL and ZR buttons activate wall climb.

Now, if you’re in the top down view, everything is simplified. You still move around with the left analog stick and the not a D-Pad, but you only need to worry about shooting with the Y button or using your sub-weapon with the A button. The L button is still used for changing weapons, the R button holds the direction you’re facing, and the + button is for opening the weapon select screen. And if you don’t feel like either of these setups work for you, there’s the possibility of going into the options menu to remap the buttons as you wish.

Blaster  Master Zero Review - 2

You have a handy map that will autocomplete as you visit new sections in each area, but you can also find a map for each area that will fully reveal your current location along with important landmarks such as the entrance to a dungeon, a warp point, a boss, or where you can secure a life up item, to name a few.

You’ll be able to save your game at the checkpoints you find in your path. Be sure to always save as soon as you find one since you never know what might be coming your way right around the corner. On top of this, each checkpoint also functions as a teleport station to which you can call SOPHIA III to your side.

Blaster Master Zero Review - 3

So, if you’ve played the original what is different about this one? More cutscenes, revamped graphics and sound, rebalanced gameplay, vibrating controllers, new bosses and new bonus stuff. There’s more of everything in this console remake of the original, and Inti Creates definitely did a good job with it.

Blaster Master Zero Review - 4

If you loved Blaster Master on the NES, Blaster Master Zero on the Nintendo Switch is that game, improved, expanded and refined to give us the definitive version of a great old-school release. If you’re a fan of Blaster Master, my Blaster Master Zero review has shown you this is a must-have for your collection. And if you never played the original, this is the way to experience a beloved classic built for a new generation.

[review pros=”Great remake.
Fun gameplay.
21st Century upgrades.” cons=”No complaints.” score=90]

This Blaster Master Zero review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Inti Creates.


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