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88 Heroes Available Today For PlayStation 4

88 Heroes

88 Heroes in an interesting game where players get to control, well, 88 heroes! That’s right, this is a release with 88 playable characters, and as you can imagine, things can get a bit hectic! You only get one minute with each hero, so over the course of 88 minutes you’ll get to learn what each one can do and will need to adapt as you go to their skills and weaknesses.


Mike Tucker, design director at Bitmap Bureau, had this to say about the game:

“88 Heroes is our third platformer. We’ve also had success with Super House of Dead Ninjas, a game with a multitude of weapons available to the player and each one affected how you played the game. It was largely this that inspired us to create a game where it was the heroes themselves that changed the gameplay, rather than the weapons.

A few games had touched on similar concepts before, such as The Wonderful 101, Broforce, and Rogue Legacy, but none of these forced the player to constantly change characters every minute or so and adapt to their new abilities.”

88 Heroes - 2

What do you think of the game’s crazy premise? Are you getting this one on PS4? Let us know in the comments below!

88 Heroes - 1

88 Heroes - 3