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New PlayStation Video Exclusive - Nine Minutes Of Ghost In The Shell

Ghost In The Shell

Are you ready for an extended look at the Ghost In The Shell movie? Then you’re going to love the video we have for you below!


Rupert Sanders, the movie’s director, has this to say about the video:

As a filmmaker with an intense interest in visual storytelling I have long had great respect for Ghost In The Shell and the anime feature that it inspired. That film is a milestone in the history of modern cinema given the way it blends a quintessentially Japanese milieu with popular science-fiction tropes. It set the standard for a futuristic global aesthetic and is simply spectacular.

To translate all of this into a live-action film, I first returned to the visual language of the original manga, which really caught my imagination. That imagery has enraptured fans all over the world and it was the cornerstone for us as we developed the movie. We didn’t want to copy it frame for frame, but we also didn’t want to reinvent it from the ground up since it is so essential to how fans experience the story. My goal was to build a bigger film around the source material while honoring the heart and philosophical essence, as well as the iconic images that have made the story universally popular. It was important to me to keep so many things that, as a fan, I was obsessed with, like the Geisha, the trash truck and elements of the Hanka Corporation.

What did you think of this extended look at the film? Are you looking forward to its release? Let us know in the comments below!