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[PS4] Snake Pass Review

[PS4] Snake Pass Review

Snake Pass is a colorful physics-based platformer in which you are following a snake named Noodle and its pal Doodle. This game is built on Unreal 4, so you can expect some luxurious and colorful environments during your adventure. Interested so far? Then check out our Snake Pass review!

Watch me play Snake Pass!


In Snake Pass, you will be playing as Noodle, a charming and colorful snake. In each of the different levels in Snake Pass, you’ll have to take Noodles to the end of a level while finding the three hidden gems in each level that open the path to the next area. Snake Pass is a mix between a platformer and a game like Octodad where the controls are kinda hard at first. And no, this isn’t as crazy hard to play as Octodad, but it did feel like it for the first level or two while you get to thinking like a snake!

Thinking like a snake is both the motto of this game and something you’ll need to master to suceed. To control Noodle, you have to press R2 button to advance – but remember that a snake doesn’t advance straight forward so you can’t do that in Snake Pass either! In fact, you’ll need to slither your way through the different levels by moving the left analog stick left and right. You can also press X to raise your head to reach higher platforms. Snaking your way means that you’ll have to climb bamboo structures and this is when things get a bit tricky.

You can press the L2 button to grip tightly to structures, and this will allow you to climb higher with less risk of falling down. There is an alternative control scheme which uses the left analog to advance and the R2 button to grip, and it is indeed WAY easier to platform that way. I recommend you to try both control schemes to see which one fits your playing style.

As for the game’s presentation, Snake Pass is packed with wonderfully designed levels. Each stage is a puzzle unto itself as you’ll need to master the controls to reach high ledges as yo try to get all collectibles in your path. The game’s music is also remarkable, and while I listened to it, I was certainly getting a Donkey Kong Country vibe. It turns out that I was not going crazy because David Wise did the soundtrack, and yes, he did indeed work on the music for the Donkey Kong Country series.

Final Thoughts
I liked playing Snake Pass, and this is definitively a one-of-a-kind experience. The difficulty curve is steep at first, but it has more to do with having to really think outside the box as you take on this platformer. Some of you might not like the game, but those of you who give it a chance and persevere will get to enjoy a very clever release.



This Snake Pass review is based on a PlayStation 4 copy provided by Sumo Digital.

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