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[PS4] Blackwood Crossing Review

[PS4] Blackwood Crossing Review
  • On April 7, 2017

Blackwood Crossing is a bizarre and supernatural release from PaperSeven and Vision Games Publishing which is now available on PlayStation 4. It is a story-driven adventure game where you’ll control Scarlett, a teenager who out of nowhere finds herself riding on a train with her younger brother Finn. What is going on? How will you be able to unravel the mystery at hand? Read our Blackwood Crossing review to find out why this is a great option for your PS4 collection!


Before I get started, let me tell you a bit about the game’s controls. You move around with the left analog stick and use the D-Pad to provide an answer when needed. You can look around with the right analog stick, while the Circle button is used for inspecting objects. You can interact with objects with the X button, and put them away with the Triangle button. You’ll sometimes need to cycle through your inventory with the L1 and R1 buttons, while the L2 and R2 buttons are used to… well, let’s leave that out of here as to not spoil things!

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After waking up in the train, you’ll need to make the most of your current situation as you try to find what is going on. Your little brother wants to play, and once you find him, he goes into a short session of Simon Says. It’s all harmless fun and games… until you spot a mysterious figure with a rabbit head. It is then that you realize that things are now what they seem to be, and that there’s more at hand. This short sequence will help to serve as the game’s tutorial, as it will show you all the basics of the game.

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Blackwood Crossing includes a full trophy list with a Platinum trophy. There are fifteen missable trophies in total, but if you’re careful and explore everywhere, you shouldn’t have any trouble. There are two trophies in particular that could technically force you to do two full runs, but if you’re careful, you can get them both with having to replay the game. If you want to get all trophies, you’ll need to find all posters and stuffed rabbits in the game. There are seven rabbits and nine posters, and luckily they’re not particularly hard to find if you keep your eyes open and search every corner of an area.

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There’s not much more I can say about Blackwood Crossing without spoiling its story and setting, so I’ll just say that it’s definitely a fun experience that you should play on PlayStation 4. Sure, it’s $15.99 price point will probably rub some people the wrong way since you’re looking at around 3 hours to complete the game, but the game’s setting, narrative, graphics and sound more than make it a game worthy of your collection. Not to mention that the final sections leading to the game’s ending are worth the price of admission.

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This Blackwood Crossing review is based on a PS4 copy provided by PaperSeven.


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Charming and interesting game


Good story
Great graphics
Solid sound design.