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[PS4] LEGO City Undercover Review

[PS4] LEGO City Undercover Review

LEGO City Undercover could best be described as a LEGO version of Grand Theft Auto with a twist. If you’re a fan of the GTA series and want to play a lighthearted and fun LEGO version of said premise, then you should definitely check this one out. Read our LEGO City Undercover review to learn more!


LEGO City Undercover was once exclusive to the Nintendo Wii U, but it is now a multiplatform release also available on Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4. You play as cop Chase McCain, and your mission is to put find Rex Fury and lock him in prison. Chase must go undercover, hence the name of the game, to infiltrate some organized crime groups close to Rex to get him off the streets for good. The story is well written and very funny, and it features full voice acting and a huge open world.

LEGO City Undercover has a ton of stuff for you to do. You can play in the local drop in/drop put co-op option with a buddy. As with other LEGO games, you will find LEGO studs dotted around the vast open world, and you can use these to purchase LGO characters/disguises. Each one is color-coded, so if you see areas marked with a yellow or blue circle with a lock, you will have to progress a bit to unlock the corresponding disguise for that ability. Some are unlocked through natural gameplay, while others can be bought at the police station or at any of the disguises booths you find and build during your adventure.

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There are a ton of collectibles to find in the game, and while you can find some of them as you play the game’s main storyline, most will be found during free play after you’ve managed to unlock more disguises and can experiment a bit. There’s also several challenges to complete and lots of racing! You can hijack cars, ride in planes, boats and more!

There are 39 red bricks to find, which is more than most LEGO games. You will also manage to secure stud boosts which are not a requirement but certainly help to make your way to the 4 billion studs trophy easier. The more red bricks you find, the easier your Platinum run will be.

As with any LEGO games you will solve some puzzles by either smashing objects and build from what was left behind or you may need to change disguises to find a hidden item you need to solve a puzzle. So if you’re stuck at any point, just smash everything in sight and try to rebuild things!

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There are 65 super builds which you can find and build throughout the city. Some are story related and can’t be missed but there’s still a lot more that are optional. Luckily many can be found on your way to new missions – although some are cleverly hidden. You’ll need to break objects to collect parts to be able to create the super builds.

LEGO City Undercover packs a lot of fun in a single Bluray disc (or downloand) for all to enjoy. It’s the perfect family oriented take on the Grand Theft Auto formula, making it perfect for parents to play with their kids. There’s plenty to find and a lot to do in this adventure, and I highly reccomend that you dive in and get losts in its world.


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