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[Beyond PlayStation] Mr. Shifty Review

[Beyond PlayStation] Mr. Shifty Review

Mr. Shifty is a top-down action adventure game. Are you familiar with Nightcrawler, the blue mutant that can flit from place to place in the blink of an eye? The gameplay mechanics for Mr. Shifty work in a similar since you can teleport around each area without alerting your enemies… if you do things right. Want to learn more? Then read our Mr. Shifty review!


You have a teleportation meter and can teleport around as long as you have enough charges left. Every time you teleport, you use a charge. If you give it a second or two, you will recover a charge. But if you overdo it and teleport too much and use all of your charges, you will momentarily lose your powers and won’t be able to teleport until you recover a few seconds later.

As for the game’s story, it revolves around the titular Mr. Shifty who breaks into the hideout of an organized crime syndicate looking for something in particular. Once inside all hell breaks loose, and things get dangerous. You will need to move around from room to room, dodging enemies until you’re close enough to end their existence – or far away to use one of the throwable items you can send their way. Every enemy can one-shot you, so you need to always be on the move.

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But you always need to be on high alert because as soon as you down one of the criminals, the rest will zero in on you, using their fists, guns, grenades and more to kill you. The game will mix and match things by sending different types of enemies our way, as well as by introducing deadly lasers that are even deadlier than enemies since you can’t get rid of them – most of the time.

You’ll need to use your surroundings to your advantage. If an enemy is standing in front of the door, you can kill them by hitting the door, so it is sent flying towards him/her. You can also teleport at the center of a group, alert them to your presence and then teleport out of the way as they all start firing at your old position.

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The game also provides you with several items to help you on your quest of killing every single human being on your path. You can use everything from a broom and some wooden sticks to swords, and even the grenades enemies throw at you. I had a lot of fun by grabbing a mine, teleporting into a room full of enemies, throwing the mine onto one of them, and then teleporting away before the mine went boom.

As you defeat enemies in a row, a bar at the bottom of the screen will start to fill up. Once full, you will be given an extra power: as soon as you dodge an attack from an enemy, time will slow down around you, allowing you to teleport everywhere without restrictions until the bar is depleted. This is an excellent time to teleport around the room to kill all enemies in a handful of seconds.

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I really liked the way the game uses HD Rumble since it’s very powerful. Every hit and explosion feels great, and it kept me focused on the action as I destroyed barrels and statues, or when enemies threw grenades at me without even thinking about the damage they could do to the area.

The game has 18 stages which are pretty linear, but they’re a fun lot. Once you reach the end of a stage you’ll gain access to an elevator that will take you to the next stage. Overall, depending on how good you are you can complete the game in around three hours or so, but on average, you’re probably looking at 4-5 hours from start to finish.

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I had fun with Mr. Shifty as I played on handheld, tabletop and docked mode. Other than a handful of moments when the framerate slowed down a bit, the game kept me coming back for more until the end. tinyBuild, the game’s publisher, has already said that Team Shifty is working on a patch to smooth thing up, so do keep that in mind.

This Mr. Shifty review is based on a PS4 copy provided by tinyBuild.


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Fun stealth/action teleportation game