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Syberia 3 Out Tomorrow For PS4

Syberia 3 Out Tomorrow For PS4
  • On April 24, 2017

Syberia 3 is only a day away in North America! Those of you in Europe have been enjoying this release since Friday, but the rest will only have to wait for another day. Check out the launch trailer for Syberia 3 to make the wait easier – as well as some new screens!


Benoit Sokal, author and art director of Syberia’s saga, had this to say:

Kate Walker continues her imaginary wandering like a lost star no longer constrained by its sun. Through this Eastern European landscape sublimely tired by wars and utopias.

Syberia 3 - 9

Impersonating Kate Walker, players will benefit from a brand new way to freely explore striking landscapes and circumvent their mysteries and puzzles in ways they have not experienced before.

The story begins when Kate is found left for dead on a shore by the Youkol tribe, a nomadic people caring for their snow ostriches during migration.

Trapped, prisoners in the city of Valsembor, they will have to find together a way to continue their journey in a chase against their enemies and unexpected challenges. While at the same time, Kate’s past is catching up with her…

Syberia 3 - 6

Syberia 3 - 7

Syberia 3 - 8

Syberia 3 - 9

Syberia 3 - 10

We’ll hopefully be able to bring you a review for the game soon, so be sure to stick around at!