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[Review Revisited] Joe Danger

[Review Revisited] Joe Danger

Before No Man’s Sky, Hello Games received Critical acclaim for a different game. Joe Danger!!! Check out our review revisited on Joe Danger this week!!

Joe Danger is a motorcycle stunt game. You star as Joe Danger, and you are a stuntman. You drive your motorcycle, popping tricks and racking up points from scoring. It’s a fairly simple game, but boy is it fun to play! Work your way through all of the levels, while maxing out your score, improving your skills as you go.

There were sequels to the game as well, all equally enjoyable. Then the studio went on to create the over hyped No Man’s Sky. I’m not sure what is next on the list for the studio and team, but it would be great to see them get back to their roots once No Man’s Sky is done being patched.

Check out the original review right here.


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