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[PS4] The Inner World Review

[PS4] The Inner World Review

The Inner World is a wonderful point and click adventure game. You play as Robert who at the beginning of the game is seen chasing a pigeon who has stolen a medallion belonging to his master, Abbot Conroy. Want to learn more? Then read our The Inner World review!


The game’s interesting humor and storytelling will only get weirder after this. Abbot Conroy who is Robert’s master, and is a bit of a Jekyll and Hyde character. On his good side, he is a respected religious figurehead; but on his bad side he is embarrassed by Robert’s Flute-like nose and wants him to keep quiet about it for his own safety – he doesn’t care about his safety but only about his image. Robert believes Abbot Conroy is a good guy, and can’t see his true nature.

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The Inner World is set in the fictional world of Asposia, a dangerous world where creatures such as the Basylions roam free. They have the ability to petrify people, turning them into solid stone. Abbot Conroy believes that this only happens to people who have done bad things, which is certainly not what is really going on.

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If you are a fan of point and click games such as the recent Yesterday’s Origins or the beloved Broken Sword series, then The Inner World will be right up your alley. You will recognize the standard mechanics of the genre such as obtaining and combining items as well as running into both easy and obtuse puzzles. You will need to search every area and keep your eyes and ears open if you want to succeed!

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The most important thing is to talk to all nearby NPCs since they always have something important to say. Some of them might even end up offering you a clue or two for you to solve puzzles. Some NPC will ask for something in return, so you’ll end up searching for a specific item that can help you carry on with your adventure.

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Some of the solutions to puzzles are very obvious, but you do run into some truly obscure puzzles during your time with The Inner World. Sometimes the best thing to do when you are stuck is to combine every item you have – even if Robert accuses you of just trying to ‘guess’ things after a few wrong combinations.

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The one complain I’d have for the game is that to interact with something you need to use the shoulder buttons to cycle through anything that is clickable and then three options will pop-up in bubbles: look, combine or talk. I found this method a bit unusual, and it’s certainly different. This is not deal-breaker since the story and puzzle keep you going until the end.

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You can expect a good laugh from playing The Inner World. The humor is just right, the story is well written, and the stylish cartoony graphics are very good. Other than some minor bugs, the game is a great experience from start to finish. I definitely enjoyed my time with the game, and I look forward to playing the next game in the series.

This The Inner World review is based on a PS4 copy provided by Headup Games.


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