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[PS4] Birthdays the Beginning Review

[PS4] Birthdays the Beginning Review

Birthdays the Beginning from TOYBOX Inc, Ark System Works and NIS America is a God sandbox simulator, where you can alter the terrain of your cube to create life. Want to learn more? The come read our Birthdays the Beginning review!


The game features five episodes, and at the end of each episode you are rated with up to a maximum of five stars. As you play Navi guides you to create life by setting objectives for you. Meeting each objective allows you to progress in the game, but you do not have to follow it perfectly. You can go off and do your own little things as well here and there.

The first episode serves as a tutorial. there is a ton of stuff to learn about how to spawn and evolve life. There are things such as terrain, weather, land moisture and sea depth for you to consider. These elements can be altered at the press of a button, and everything will get easier as you gain more experience and learn the ins and outs of the game. I’d advice you follow all instructions and that you don’t skip a single thing.

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At first, you begin as a small cube, and you get going by lowering and raising the terrain and creating water. Water itself is needed to create life, so that is certainly a must! You will eventually create rivers, waterfalls and even oceans.

Your first life forms are Phytoplankton and Zooplankton which are early forms of water organisms. These will eventually evolve into different types of fish depending on your cube’s conditions. You will then get access to plant life and land creatures. Who doesn’t want a dinousar or two or ten running around? And then… then you will get to create mankind.

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For creatures to evolve, you must set the correct conditions for it. Things such as Temperature, Lifeform prosperity and Locations are the main ingredients. Some species can’t survive in the cold, while others can’t survive in warm climates. Lifeform prosperity is important since the more there is of one single species the greater the odds of evolution. Location is also important, since some creatures love deep water, while others require a good patch of land to develop.

Once you have birthed a new creature, you can go into Micro mode. This mode is where you can enter your cube to find new species and capture them – this basically means you take photos and record all information for a creature. To capture a creature, you touch your touchpad… and you’re done!

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When in Macro mode you are viewing your cube from the outside you can press the L1 button to let time flow naturally. When in Micro Mode, time stops. You can also view all the new life on the right-hand side of the screen – these are known as ‘Life News.’ You can see what has been birthed, what has gone extinct and more, all while in Macro Mode. To enter this mode, you press the Triangle button, and then you can switch between both modes with the L3 button.

Something else to consider is that each organism and creature has a rarity. The rarest of them all are the 9-star organisms/creatures, and you will definitely want to try and keep your rare creatures very much alive. There certainly is a way of doing that, but I’m not going to spoil it for you!

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The game is big and really beefy with a lot to do. There’s so much to do that I could easily double the length of this review by talking about everything you can do! This was to be excepted due to the sandbox nature of the game, but I certainly didn’t expect there to be so much to do.

On top of the five episodes in the game, there is an additional Challenge mode where you complete a variety of challenges, from birthing to capturing. For example, one of the challenges asks that you birth an Eoraptor. You also have to do it within a set number of cube years, and this adds an extra element of urgency.

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Birhdays: The beginning is an incredible game with many hours of fun to be had and a ton to see and do. Can you evolve everything? The Platinum trophy is certainly a worthy challenge: the list is simple but yet very grindy. Luckily only the star rating trophies are missable, so as long as you don’t use your Seed of Evolution until the post-game, you should be good to go. So if you fancy a game of world where you can manipulate things as you bringe new lifeforms into existente then you should definitely get Birthdays the Beginning on PlayStation 4.

This Birthdays the Beginning review is based on a PS4 copy provided by NIS America.


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