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[Review Revisited] Assault Suit Leynos Review

[Review Revisited] Assault Suit Leynos Review
  • On May 7, 2017

Assault Suit Leynos from Rising Star Games is an HD port of a classic release from way back in the SEGA Genesis days. Those of you who played the game back then might know it better as Target Earth. This port brings the game in front of a new generation with a new look, revamped audio and plenty of challenging trophies to unlock!


Here is an excerpt from the review:

What’s new in this HD version? Along with the revamped visuals, the game’s Arcade Mode includes fully voice-acted cutscenes, extended levels, and reworked AI. But the game is still as though as ever while not being unfairly challenging. If you had fun with this one back in the day, then you’re going to appreciate all the work on this HD releas

Assault Suit Leynos is a hard as nails and unforgiving action game, so you must always stay on high alert. You should also be sure to bring the proper loadout for your mech between the weapons, armor and other items at your disposal. This will be easier during your second run through the entire since you’ll then know what to expect from each level in this game. You’ll also unlock new stuff to equip as you go, so that you can mix and match your equipment for each specific scenario.

You can read the original review right here.