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[PS4] Old Time Hockey Review

[PS4] Old Time Hockey Review

Old Time Hockey is an arcade hockey game set in the 1970’s. If that sounds like your bag of tea, come read our Old Time Hockey review to learn more about this release!


Upon booting for the first time, the game will show a message that states the game is unsuitable for players under 17 due to the violent nature of the game as well as the excessive use of bad language. Yes, the game is rated Mature. A hockey game on PS4, rated as Mature. Got it?

Old Time Hockey offers two modes: Story and Exhibition. Let’s kick things off with the Story mode. You play as the newly appointed manager of the Schuylkill Hinto Brews, the worst team in the Bush Ice Hockey League. Your job is to rescue the team and turn things around. Can you make a bunch of misfits the most feared team in the league?

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At first, I found the game to be a bit frustrating as I was unable to win a single game – I couldn’t even score a goal! On top of this, my goalie was absolutely the worst and let every single puck become a goal for the opposing team. I then realized that, yes, I was supposed to lose every game! All I had to do was meet any objectives set in place and not worry about actually winning each game. Talk about a weird but interesting way of doing things!

Once you begin to progress in the season, you will unlock upgrades for the Hinto Brews, allowing them to gain offense and defense skills, as well as the very important fighting skills. Once you begin to upgrade your team, you’ll get a shot at actually winning some games and fights will get easier!

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Something interesting is that there are three difficulty settings with different control schemes. If you are new to sports games, then the newbie setting might work for you since it’s basically a two-button control scheme. Intermediate players should go for the casual difficulty where there are offsides and some standard rules for the sport. For hardcore hockey fans, there’s the hardcore difficulty where the challenge is ramped up considerably, as well as featuring more advanced controls and all standard rules in place.

Each match will give you a set of objectives, split between primary and secondary goals. Some examples of objectives are things such as hitting a specific player when he’s on the ice or knocking down ten players in general. You can complete objectives regardless of win or loss, unless otherwise stated. Having objectives as part of the core gameplay is a very interesting idea since it keeps you busy on top of actually playing the hockey match itself.

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The fighting part of the game is fun since, let’s face it, hockey has a long “tradition” of fights breaking out during a game. The fighting mechanics are not difficult to understand since all you need to do is hit your opponent three times as you dodge their blows so that you’re not knocked down for good.

The cel-shaded graphics are very charming and are a nice contrast to the more realistic backdrops – especially with everything anchored in the beloved (and hated) 1970s. Humor wise, if you’re not offended by the language used in the game, you will get a kick out of the overall feel of the game.

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The game also offers an Exhibition mode where you can play with your friends in 4 player co-op or versus. This will allow you to show everything you’ve learned during your time in Story mode. Can you prove you’re the best?

If you’re looking for a new take on the hockey simulation genre with a 1970s twist, then Old Time Hockey is exactly the game you’re looking for. Taking the worse team in the league and completely changing its dynamics, improving their skills as you go is a very rewarding experience – as long as you’re ready to lose a ton of games in the process!

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This Old Time Hockey review is based on a PS4 copy provided by V7 Entertainment.


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Fun arcade-style hockey game