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[PS4] Super Rude Bear Resurrection Review -

[PS4] Super Rude Bear Resurrection Review

Super Rude Bear Resurrection is a very challenging 2D platformer with a ridiculously difficult Platinum trophy – t’s up there with the Super Meat Boy Platinum! Super Rude Bear Resurrection may be a rock hard game aimed at the hardcore challengers, BUT there is an interesting twist that makes the game accessible to anyone of all playing skills. Read our Super Rude Bear Resurrection review to learn more!


In Super Rude Bear Resurrection, when you die – and trust me you are going to die A LOT – your corpse stays behind so that you can step on it and progress to the next section of the game. This means that even the most insane parts of the game will eventually become easier as you die over and over. Find a large bed of spikes? Die enough times, and you’ll be able to walk over all corpses!

So anybody can actually finish the game regardless of skill level, but you will not earn the Platinum this way. Are you ready to learn the crazy requirement for the Platinum? You have to complete the game without dying. At. All. As you can imagine, that is going to take a lot of practice! The good thing about Super Rude Bear Resurrection is there is a practice mode, so you can customize how you practice your game, with or without timers, with or without corpses. This ispPerfect if you want to go for that no death run once you’ve learned what you can and can’t do on a stage!

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The game is one huge puzzle fest and is designed around how you place your corpses to overcome the challenges on your path. There’s certainly an element of strategy in the game as you learn the basics and find out what the main character’s limits are. If you’re ever in trouble, be sure to check in with your fairy wizard friend who comes along for the ride! The fairy can be controlled to scout ahead, to dissolve any blockages so you can progress, and more!

Super Rude Bear Resurrection might be challenging, but it certainly has a pretty decent checkpoint system. Checkpoints look like coffins and are always near the trickier parts of the game. But if you’re up for the challenge you can turn of the checkpoints by raising the difficulty. No checkpoints will certainly make the game harder to play, but who knows? There might be some trophies in it for you!

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You can run, jump and wall climb through the game’s seven worlds as you avoid walls of spikes, deadly blades and more. Each world introduces new and deadlier hazards and traps such as disappearing blocks or missiles to keep things interesting. The further you progress the harder the game will be, but you’ll also learn new tricks as you go to even the score.

Are you a fan of speedrunning? Then you’re going to love this game! You can aim for securing one of the top spots on the leaderboards as you try to beat the best times of other players from all over the world. Do you have what it takes to actually make it the top spot?

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Super Rude Bear Resurrection is a very fun, challenging and addictive release on PlayStation 4. You’ll most certainly die a lot, but you’ll also improve your skills as you play, learning from your mistakes and improving your runs. The game has been designed in a way that will pretty much allow anyone to eventually finish it after spending enough time to use all the corpses left behind to reach the goal. Trophy hunters will find in Super Rude Bear Resurrection one of the most challenging Platinum trophies on PlayStation 4 and one that will surely be the centerpiece of the trophy collection of those of you who manage to beat a game that even its creator can’t Platinum yet!

This Super Rude Bear review is based on a PS4 copy provided by Alex Rose Games.


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